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• 6/4/2015

Our little slice of (modded) Cyrodiil.

So, I figure that with <townname> being an easy place to default to, we might as well give it a little depth.  I sort of pictured it as a "lobby room", which is a little bland for actual RP... So here's a discussion where everyone can say how they think <townname> should feel!

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• 12/15/2017
...Okay, I guess I'm the only one. Well, it's almost city-sized, with three guardhouses built into the "city" wall. There's some debate on how the jail and castle are linked, so... I guess that'll be solved whenever someone actually codes it into Oblivion. It's got a neat garden area in the middle, though that's mainly used for parades and such. Also a library and two inns.
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