Chara looks down at his leather boots. So... Weird. Why does a person with fur wear the skin of an animal that doesn't? Something so blatantly inferior? Chara takes his boots off, and throws them in Rusher's general direction. They don't get very far.

[Chara]*Rage against the boots.*

No, that's not it. It's nothing to do with leather, or boots, or guard officers. It's something far more personal that's bothering Chara, and more bothersome than most things these days.

Chara looks north, towards the frozen wasteland of the brain-dead blondes. His mate, whatever their relationship was, or what she did, shouldn't have gone alone. The Nord realizing that before Chara did is what's bothering him right now, and at this point, there's seemingly little to be done about it. They could be anywhere in Skyrim right now...

But... It's getting harder to look Rusher in the eye. S'Reg-Nall is going mad waiting. And Kjang's stupidity and grandstanding endanger the life of any Khajiit he *isn't* trying to kill. With him at the helm, it's entirely possible that the party doesn't even know WHERE the one they went to save IS yet.

Rae might be coming back with news about him... Or she might not. It's always hard to tell when an adventurer dies, but not so hard to tell when they haven't done the job. Chara can't wait anymore. He grabs his boots, ties them together and throws them over his back. A note is hastily-scrwaled out, seahying dat da neerest taown is wear da "Hunt staarts."

[Chara]*Blink* *Blink*

That... Isn't right. Chara looks closer.

"Da hunt staarts."

What is he doing? He's not hunting Elia or her sister; he's rescuing everyone from the Nord's folly. Why did he write that?

Chara shakes his head... And starts over. ...Starts over? Starts over with what? Why was Chara shaking his head and... Writing a note?

...A hastily-done one at that. Looks like Chara was heading to "Riverwood?" Sounds Nordic. ...Maybe it's where Elia and her sister are! Chara immediately leaves the tent and trods, barefoot, in a direction he hopes is North. Hopefully... Hopefully it isn't too late. For everyone.