Dro'Reg-Nall Chara
Character Data



Khajiit (Suthay-Raht)


Bard (Oblivion preset)


Archery (journeyman), Alchemy (journeyman), Blade (Apprentice), Block (Expert), Conjuration (journeyman)


Cyrodiilic (Fluent), Ta'Agra (Fluent), Orsimer (Working knowledge, no literacy)


Meat, sugar, ale


Nords, Redguards. Bretons, etc.

Short DescriptionEdit

It's not quite the typical Khajiit name. But then, a seafaring Imperial Guard with green fur is unlikely to be a typical Khajiit. Though his past is a very distant memory, his age is a hindrance that he struggles to cope with during the campaign. He compensates with natural feline agility, budding skills in alchemy, and his own experience as a guardsman.


Note: This is a *VERY* temporary section.  Information here is likely to be poorly formatted, and highly innaccurate.  Also: Potential spoilers ahead, with varying degrees of truthiness.

Placeholder:  Khajiit was guard.  Many years.  Joining Cyrodiil's finest saved this one from much fighting.  Yes!  It's true!  Was in Blackmarsh during Five Years War.

Many say, "I have never seen a Suthay-Raht Khajiit in the Imperial Guard." This one thinks the reason is obvious. Khajiit do not join the Imperial Guard to stop arrows and dry the tears of men and mer. Khajiit join the Imperial Guard to become beastfolk who cannot be seen. Maybe others are stronger, or better liked. But Khajiit are much better at the job of not being found.

Do'Reg-Nall had his share of troubles too. This one does not like to talk about it. Our ships were sent to retrieve "things" from Ionith. But many surprises found us, and some came with us.