Character Data



Breton (Now Limoth)




Mercantile (Apprentice), Luck (Master)


In a relationship <3


If it's written Gwyn can read it


Alby, Reading, Having Fun


Cultists, Chara, CARL, and all Orsimer.

"Wait! I'm coming too" --Gwyn making the biggest decision in her life.

Gwyn (Minor Character) Edit

Gwyn is a young Breton girl from <townname>. Since she was five she had always dreamed of being an adventurer. One day a stranger walked into her inn and she saw her chance. On a whim, Gwyn left her old life behind and followed the handsome adventurer, she now calls Albby, out to slay Evil Orcs and shape-shifters. Her family was from High-Rock; they moved to Cyrodiil when she was three. Gwyn is an avid reader and has a surprising amount of knowledge due to this habit. She knows lots about all sorts of stuff and no real skills to help her utilize her knowledge. She has a romantic relationship with her traveling partner and is one of the few that knows his secret. Gwyn was recently turned into a Limoth by Rae. She did this willingly in order to have a family with Albby. She has proven to be rather adept at shifting. Gwyn is finally living the life she had always dreamed of. So far she has not been prepared.

Lately, Gwyn has been hearing a voice. She's unsure of what it is or what it means but she is sure that it has dark intentions. Mora's voice whispers into her ear. She has been feeling more and more isolated. The Ohgma Infinitum beckons her. She wishes deeply for a very few things. She wishes for a family with the one she loves. She wishes for the skills to survive in the hard life she's chosen. She wishes for people to remember her. She wants Bards to sing of her for years to come. The voice promises all these things.

Gwyn is a 5' tall female Breton with Auburn hair. She looks to be about 16-17 years old. She has on her possession a 4' long steel Claymore, a spear she found and a dagger Nats gave her. She wears unremarkable civilian clothes. Gwyn is known for staring at people.