A siplistic guide to filling out an info box.

To make a box click "Template" and select "Chardata"

This is the name of your Character
Character Data
Title If your character has a "Title" or perhaps a "Nickname" Then put that here otherwise leave it blank

Self explanatory


Self explanatory


I meant this in regards to: Tank, mage, thief, non-combatant, Once again feel free to be creative with this. But also be concise.


You really likely will not use this box as most characters are very neutral. It applies to a few characters, however. Leave blank unless what faction your character belongs to is a DEFINING character trait and HEAVILY taints his decisions


The basic Elder scrolls skills can go here. However S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills are really more fit for personality. You learn skills. You're born with SPECIAL. (Even though special can indeed be modified too)


Alive is not a status. (It's like saying "The elephant is big and grey" No fraking duh. Now if the elephant is small and purple that's a different story. Anyways put things that are non-norm here)


Self explanatory


Character defining likes. (Ex. Kjang likes Alcohol. It's a big deal. I put it here. Kjang also likes foot rubs. But that's not character defining. Most everyone gets this) ALSO if you don't really have dislikes or likes that are CHRACTER DEFINING then you can leave these blank.


Character defining dislikes. ( I shouldn't need to give an example)