J'Ra-Nha Casareth
Character Data
Title Orkopraanzii







Can Swim and Speak Jel and common


Alive and 7.5 years old


Jel and Common


Rae, Rall, Teeba, Chara, Kjang, and J'Ram


Beer, and scary door smashing moments.


"Perhaps we should call her Orkopraanzii, for she is J'Ram reincarnate." -Kjang, suggesting a name for J'Ra.

The Young Soul Edit

This young white-scaled pink-eyed argonian's soul and J'Ram's are linked because they are the same. J'Ram uses this link to summon himself when ever he wants. But as she gets older it will be harder for J'Ram to summon himself, if not impossible. As the time passes the soul will start to become whole again. She may be young but she has hope and is wanting to learn to use a bow like her uncle.

Beliefs Edit

She thinks that violence is not necessary in any case. She is young and naive, so she does not know that there are just bad people out there. It will be this that will make realize that she needs to be a healer, but this shall also drive her to take the lives of the unworthy.

She thinks that all people are nice because she has not met a bad one yet. She has Kjang, Teeba, and J'Ram watching over her. She knows that she is safe when she is with them.

Abilities Edit

Right now she has none to note but is going to learn soon how to cast spells.

J'Ram will teach her Destruction, Kjang has Alteration, Teeba/Rall will teach her Restoration (J'Ram might teach her Reconstruction), J'Ram will also teach Illusion, after she gets some easier spells under her belt J'Ram will teach her Conjuration. She looks forward to all of this.

Things to look forward to: Edit

Wings: not as powerful as J'Ram's yet.

Spells: all basic at first.

Sneak: She wants to learn from Chara.

Archery: She hopes to as good as J'Ram is.