Kihtar Mahhan
Character Data



Ohmes Khajiit




Merchant caravan


Destruction magic


Common, Dunmer

Born a slave in Morrowind and given to Shalik Grulathil by a relative as a present, Kihtar Mahhan was a devoted servant to her kindly master for many years and was given special dispensation to train as a mage. She served him faithfully, until a strange chance brought a time-displaced Rose and Kjang Rock-fist to the city of Vivec. Kjang encouraged the young but subservient khajiit to follow her dreams of travel, leading her to ask her master if she could accompany him on his next journey in the hopes of meeting Kjang again.

Once in Cyrodiil, she and Shalik joined a caravan run by the slippery Iago as guards. Along the way, Shalik decided to give Kihtar her freedom. Impressed by Kihtar's performance on the journey, Iago hired her on for a longer trip to Hammerfell - a trip fraught with difficulties so far.

Kihtar is a somewhat naive and has a subservient attitude that Iago is making efforts to break. She has self-confidence problems and has a tendency to mess things up. However, despite this, she still refuses to give up and has soldiered on despite her failures.