Noir Sunset
Character Data



Limoth Shifter






Stealth, Security, Sleight-of-hand, Shapeshifting



A young lady who drifted into <townname> one day and then stayed around, working at the inn for Cyrikoe. She has several things she is keeping close to her chest. Not only is she a Limoth shifter, she is an ex-criminal out to turn her life around and leave her past misdeeds behind her. But such things are not always left behind easily.


Noir Sunset's default identity is that of a young Imperial woman of short stature with dark hair which she usually wears in a long ponytail. She usually wears dark clothes with many pockets, and when traveling favors a well-used travel cloak. She frequently comes across a surly and jaded, but has the remarkable ability to change not only her appearance, but also her character and persona. When she wants to she can be very charming and persuasive, and even adopt new personalities seeming at will. It's to the point that even her close friends aren't quite sure which side of her is the real one.

Other identities she has adopted are her 'service persona' - essentially her default form except curvier and with the personality of a bubbly waitress; Eilonwae Aurien, a beautiful High Elf woman; and a black-scaled Argonian. When stuck in her fox-based humanoid form for a time, she also adopted the pseudonym Akatsuki Rion and the persona of a funny foreigner.

In her true shape, Noir appears as a humanoid silver fox. Her true name is Naoko, meaning "trustworthy", a hint that despite her sneaky and seeming dishonest nature, she is ultimately reliable and loyal to her friends.

Her birthsign is the Shadow, though she has not manifested the ability to turn invisible.


Noir's background is a sad story. A child of a skooma addict, she grew up on the streets until she was taken in by the man who trained her thieving skills. Noir loved him, or at least thought she did. He took advantage of her feelings, her skills and - when he discovered them - her shapeshifting abilities, but slowly grew more and more abusive of her until she finally escaped. Noir drifted for a time, then found herself in <townname> where her sob story caused Cyrikoe to take her on as a new employee. Noir's plans to leave her past behind her have been interrupted, both by her own greedy tendencies and by unexpected events.