April 11 Edit

Kihtar: (K, so Kihtar and Iago are blinded and have no idea what's going on, someone is running around and Iago is about to get knifed, and a barrel of 180 proof whiskey is about to explode. That about cover the situation?) 9:42 PM

Iago: (Yup) 9:42 PM

Kihtar: (I believe the last line before we lost the connection was Iago asking if the knives were heading for his shins or his thighs.) 9:44 PM

Iago: (Yup) 9:44 PM

Reanel: (They are headed for his thighs, and will not be hindered by the man he tried to attack.) 9:45 PM

Iago: *Takes a Knife in his thigh. 'Hell Nah' Iago downs a Invisibility potion* *He makes his way to the Exit He can feel the heat of the fire* 9:46 PM

Kihtar: *Kihtar's vision improves slightly! Now instead of just a big light blur, she can now see a big light blur with vague shapes in it.* 9:48 PM

Reanel: *Suddenly, darkness again. Another knife travels for Iago's back, despite his invisibility.* 9:49 PM

Kihtar: *...Is the fire out?* 9:51 PM

Iago: *The light having subsided Iago opens his eyes. He has kept his night vision, mostly. Iago trips over a chair causing the knife to miss, It's hard to judge where someone is going when not even they know.* 9:51 PM

Iago: *Shouldn't be* 9:51 PM

Rose: Should I not feel bad about my battles? .....and arey ou about Chara?) 9:52 PM

Reanel: *The fire's still going. Won't be long* 9:52 PM

Iago: *I see no way they could put the fire out.* 9:52 PM

Reanel: *There are footsteps fast approaching both Iago and Kihtar.* 9:52 PM

Gatunk: (*Lacks an "about" page*) 9:53 PM

Iago: *Iago move left and swings an invisible sword at his approacher* 9:53 PM

Rose: XD! Around. Do you wanna do the Wisp/Gatukn RP?) 9:53 PM

Reanel: *The assailant tries blocking the sword, but there's nothing there. Instead, hands try to grab Iago. 9:54 PM

Reanel: * 9:54 PM

Iago: *Iago thanks John Sword for inventing a weapon without a minimum usably distance. He shifts his balance and slashes at the hands* 9:56 PM

Gatunk: (Hmm. I'm honestly not sure. I want to play, but I didn't really think out Gatunk.) 9:56 PM

Kihtar: *Kihtar makes to wipe the blood from her eyes... and fires a lightning bolt at the nearest set of footsteps.* 9:56 PM

Rose: could go along as... you go along) 9:56 PM

Reanel: *The lightning bolt hits a ward. The hands back away, and a paralysis spell is fired at Iago.* 9:57 PM

Rose: Do you want to try?) 9:59 PM

Iago: *Iago throws himself into a table to avoid the spell. Obscenities are heard* 10:00 PM

Reanel: *The assailant tries to restrain and tie up Iago while he's in pain. This guy's strong.* 10:00 PM

Gatunk: (Sorry, I'm loading the logs and trying to catch up.) 10:04 PM

Kihtar: *Kihtar uses Eye of Fear in the direction of the warded opponent. It functions but Kihtar isn't going to be able to use Midnight Eye until she gets some healing. It is a very unpleasant experience.* 10:04 PM

Iago: *Iago still has a sword. He uses it to keep the assailant at bay* 10:04 PM

Rose: ok) 10:05 PM

Rose: Tell me when you'tr up for it x3) 10:05 PM

Reanel: *The opponent is overcome with dread, and the darkness dissipates somewhat, the place now lit by the fire. A third opponent, Reanel, fast approaches Kihtar. Iago's assailant, a strong-jawed Redguard, is kept back.* 10:06 PM

Kihtar: *Is Reanel armed and showing killing intent?* 10:07 PM

Gatunk: *Shakes the Ainsou lightly* Hey, did you hear? The Nord was asking you... *Turns to see that Serrata is now gone.* 10:07 PM

Reanel: *She is armed, but looks more concerned than anything.* 10:07 PM

Gatunk: Oh. She must have left. That must have been why she said "Bye." 10:07 PM

Gatunk: Oh. She must have left. That must have been why she said "Bye." 10:07 PM

Iago: *Iago rolls backwards His sword now in his left hand* 10:07 PM

Rose changed name to Wisp 10:07 PM

Gatunk: (Sorry for double post.) 10:07 PM

Reanel: (Which Ainsou, Wisp or Archer?) 10:08 PM

Kihtar: (@Gatunk: She left you the silver ore and bought you a drink*) 10:08 PM

Iago: *He rolls into a stand* 10:08 PM

Wisp: Wisp) 10:08 PM

Gatunk: (Yep ^^ Wisp.) 10:08 PM

Reanel: (Just going to wait for Kihtar's response before making my next move.) 10:08 PM

Gatunk: So, anyways, what is this "offer"? What do you need me to do? 10:09 PM

Gatunk: I sure hope it doesn't involve "living" for too long. 10:11 PM

Kihtar: *Kihtar can barely see and is in terrible pain from the abuse her eyes have taken. She pulls out one of her invisibility potions and attempts to drink it.* 10:12 PM

Wisp: *When Gatunk touches Wisp...There's a dark, malicious 'sensation' that he's able to literally feel, as though evil was so vicious and strong that it manifests and channels through the nerves. ...Oh, and she probably isn't going to have any cookies or milk.* *Wisp entirely pretends she didn't just transmit raw malice, but it probably was automatic anyway.* I have a friend who is trying to get some things...I don't really have all the details, and hope that he'll be able to really get into them for you if you were interested; I mostly am hoping to give an initial direction for potential interest...and.. sorry about spacing out. 10:13 PM

Wisp: I was sorting out some tohughts, thanks. 10:13 PM

Reanel: Gods! *she reaches Kihtar and tries to usher her out the front door* Dylan! Get Ienzo out! Aeleus, subdue him and pull him out! You! *turns to Kihtar* Move. Out of the bar! [Ienzo] But, Rose is still upstairs! [Reanel] Then, go get her out! 10:13 PM

Gatunk: Right, right, but who is "he" and where can I find him? 10:14 PM

Gatunk: *Stiffles a shudder* 10:14 PM

Wisp: [>​Khang]So...we have another person for you to meet. 10:14 PM

Kihtar: (Ah. Rae's psychic "shoot down headcanon" thing strikes again. I was just starting to think that Wisp wasn't actually all evil. ) 10:14 PM

Iago: *Uses voice of the emperor* 10:15 PM

Wisp: (Mwuhahahaha *drags IT to the RP kicking and screaming.*) 10:15 PM

Gatunk: (I still think it's in the air. She's definitly a sociopath, but she might still think she's doing what's right.) 10:16 PM

Wisp: XD!) 10:16 PM

Reanel: *This doesn't work on Aeleus. Turns out, he's already calm as he tries to grab at and wrest the sword from Iago.* 10:17 PM

Wisp: Regardless of whether Wisp is evil or not, she has that whole aura and all) 10:17 PM

Kihtar: *Kihtar is shoved and stumbles out the vague direction of the front door. She runs into the doorframe first.* 10:17 PM

Gatunk: *The raw malice in his veins finally overpowers him. The orc has another coughing fit.* 10:18 PM

Reanel: *Reanel opens the door and leads Kihtar outside herself.* Wait here. 10:18 PM

Iago: *What of Ienzo and Kihtar?* 10:18 PM

Iago: *It's an AOE* 10:18 PM

Kihtar: (What is?) 10:19 PM

Wisp: [Rose]*Is in her room's center, doing her fortune telling trick. She raises a hand, and starts waving as soon as Ienzo enters.* On fire, no time, and...Would you like me to help you get out of here? 10:19 PM

Iago: Voice of the Emperor) 10:19 PM

Wisp: (Assuming Ianzeo came) 10:19 PM

Reanel: (Ah. Well, then Ienzo would be calmed. I'll leave it up to Kihtar if she's calmed from Voice of the Emperor.) 10:19 PM

Iago: (Only calms enemies) 10:20 PM

Kihtar: *Kihtar is not really in any condition to be calmed anyway.* 10:20 PM

Iago: (Those deemed hostile by the user) 10:20 PM

Reanel: (and, is Kihtar deemed hostile?) 10:20 PM

Kihtar: ( Does he consider Kihtar hostile? ;. 10:20 PM

Iago: (Is ienzo downstairs as I heard him say something. He should still be.) 10:21 PM

Kihtar: (* ;.; ) 10:21 PM

Wisp: (*strikes her line) 10:21 PM

Reanel: (The reason Aeleus isn't affected is that he retains no hostility towards Iago. He's in full capture mode.) 10:21 PM

Reanel: (Ienzo is calmed, yes.) 10:21 PM

Wisp: *Wisp is about to speak up, but then Gatunk has coughing fit, and she offers the vial to gatuunk via the counter* Are you alright? 10:21 PM

Reanel: *Dylan leads Ienzo out, but lets him leave on his own once he's calmed. Dylan then goes to get Rose out.* 10:22 PM

Gatunk greedily drinks the potion. 10:22 PM

Gatunk: Happens every once in a while. Miner's lung causes some disease or other. 10:22 PM

Gatunk: Brock-itis or some-such. 10:23 PM

Iago: *Iago's sword is still kept between himself and the large Redguard. He shift's his position to open his line of fire and a flick of his wrist sends a knife towards Ienzo. Calmed targets are very easy targets after all.* 10:23 PM

Kihtar: (I thought Ienzo was going to go fetch Rose?) 10:24 PM

Iago: (He was downstairs when he got calmed) 10:24 PM

Iago: (Calm people just loiter they stop doing whatever they were doing.) 10:25 PM

Reanel: *Ienzo notices the knife, and though calmed, has enough of a mind to block it with his tome before continuing. Aeleus uses Iago's distraction to give him a punch to the head, very powerful.* 10:25 PM

Wisp: I see...I have not really worked in mines before, so I wouldn't have much experience with it. It's something you're stuck with...? ...I tke it that's what the living comment may be about? 10:25 PM

Gatunk: (Note: I'm going entirely off of Wikipedia for this. I'm no doctor, in fact I think my CPR qualification expired.) 10:25 PM

Reanel: (Doesn't shut off their AI. It actually turns their aggression down to 0.) 10:25 PM

Iago: (Yes allowing for complete surprise hits) 10:26 PM

Gatunk: (Guys, guys... Maybe we should examine their behavior instead of arguing game rules?) 10:26 PM

Wisp: [Rose]*Rose meanwhile, as nobody fetched her, leaves her room, holding her fortune telligg sticks and checking over them and casially going on her way to leavigg, precognitively avoiding any debrie dropped from the fire damage.* 10:26 PM

Gatunk: (Like, what did Iago say?) 10:26 PM

Reanel: (Doesn't mean he can't notice a knife coming at him and block it. It calms them, doesn't make them oblivious.) 10:27 PM

Kihtar: (So wouldn't Ienzo have left to go fetch Rose when Reanel asked him to? Even if he was calmed?) 10:28 PM

Reanel: (Dylan went to get Rose. Ienzo went outside.) 10:28 PM

Kihtar: (...Oh.) 10:29 PM

Wisp: ohh, missed the part with Dylan going to her)) 10:29 PM

Kihtar: (The master responded "Mu!" And the student left enlightened.) 10:29 PM

Reanel: (Also, Aeleus took the moment of Iago's distraction to sock him one hard.) 10:29 PM

Iago: *The sword is still between Iago and the Redguard. Iago isn't silly enough to allow him to advance. Iago readies a potion* 10:30 PM

Gatunk: Yes, potions help with the disease, but it comes back every few months. 10:31 PM

Kihtar: (Hm. Looks like the lag has lessened quite a bit on the other board, maybe?) 10:31 PM

Gatunk: And sooner or later, miner's lung is gonna kill me. 10:32 PM

Reanel: *As the fighting continues, a knife surprise flies for Iago's side, with only a whoosh to warn its arrival.* 10:33 PM

Kihtar: *Kihtar expends some of her magicka healing herself up. Her vision begins clearing but it's not 100%. At least she isn't crying tears of blood now, though.* 10:34 PM

Wis/Ros joined the chat 10:35 PM

Wis/Ros: oops) 10:35 PM

Reanel: *Kihtar will find that she's actually been left alone right outside the bar. Well, the white0haired boy carrying a tome with a dagger sticking out of it is near her, but shows no hostility.* 10:35 PM

Gatunk: (Switched browsers, Rae?) 10:35 PM

Wis/Ros: should we switch? I have to go tablet, and i should figure out which chat we're doing it ^^: ) 10:35 PM

Wis/Ros: ACcidental close) 10:35 PM

Iago: *Pulls his sword up blocking the blade* *He downs a potion.* 10:36 PM

Reanel: *Now Aeleus tries to sock him one hard in the face as he moves the sword away.* 10:36 PM

Kihtar: ... Um. Where is Iago? 10:36 PM

Reanel: [Iago] Still trying to fight inside. He'd better get out quick... 10:37 PM

Iago: *Throwing punches at invisible people is hard* *Iago moves towards the tunnel exit. The fire Roars across the whole bar now.* 10:39 PM

Wis/Ros: *migrates everyone with a shepard's cane. A thick, heave shepard cane) 10:39 PM

Reanel: *more knives go flying towards Iago as he tries to escape. A knock is heard at Rose's door.* 10:39 PM

Wis/Ros:: *Rose still left her room, so Dlyan should've met he outside of it, sorry* 10:40 PM

Kihtar: (OK, migrating, I guess... I've got the lines from here saved in a file.) 10:40 PM

Wis/Ros: Thanks, sorry, and tbh need to swap now) 10:40 PM

Iago: *Iago takes a knife to the arm. He is now in the tunnel* *The back bar liquor is now feeding the fire* 10:40 PM


April 15-16 (For Tree) Edit


Alberich: (That's too bad.)

Gwyn: *Is fluffy*

Rall: (Yeah.)

Rall changed name to Elia

Alberich: *Plays with her fluff* (I'm only on for a few minutes right now... I'm meeting up with a friend for coffee once I get my supper eaten.)

Elia: (Ah. Fun.)

Alberich: (I'll likely be gone for a few hours. Not sure what you guys want to do about it...)

Gwyn: Show me how to shift!

Alberich: Hm, sure. Um... It's hard to describe... It's like, it's just this thing we do...

Gwyn: ??

Alberich: It's sort of like how making sounds with your mouth is natural, but putting them together to make words is learned... You figured out how to wag your tail right away, I'm sure you can figure at least some of it out?

Alberich: Try doing something to change yourself a little bit, get a feel for it first.

Gwyn: *Gwyn stands up and waddles some what.* I'm not sleeping in here again.

Gwyn: *Her hand starts to turn more human*

Gwyn: Odd

Xeon joined the chat 6 seconds ago

Xeon: meh

Alberich: *Stands up as well* Looks like you're getting the idea already!

Xeon: so you guys are role playing?

Alberich: (Yep)

Xeon: meh... anyways i'll stay here

Alberich: You spent almost all your life as a human... you should be able to 'feel' when you get it right.


Captain Planet RampageYouTube · 3:10 · ★ 4.89 · 757KThis video does not play smoothly in places (the bird bite at 0:08 for example). Youtube changed something in their back end and now most of my videos exported using the Quicktime Animation codec play jerkily, which is quite frustrating. I've tried to contact Youtube about it but have received no reply. Watching the world slowly get more and more polluted has taken its toll. No one's really sure how he pays the rent. The Planeteers don't call anymore.

Elia: (Neo! I have questions about Floraverse!)

Gwyn: *Giggles as her hand turns separate colors*

Xeon: but i'll leave this here

Gwyn: Cool

Gwyn: *She starts turning into the Gwyn we all know*

Alberich: Yeah... that's... better than I did, all those years ago, when I learned?

Gwyn: Well I do know myself pretty well.

Alberich: (It'd be rather funny/cool if Gwyn turned out to be better at shifting in general than Alby is.  )

Alberich: Yeah, that's true. How does it feel?

Gwyn: (She does get increased stat growth )

Gwyn: Like me, *Smiles and goes back to being fluffy*

Alberich: *Hugs her* You're doing a great job, Gwyn. You're a natural at this.

Gwyn: *Cuddles into him*

Alberich: You should keep practicing. It takes a bit to be able to hold a shape indefinitely, and if you try to hold an unfamiliar one too long, bad things might happen.

Gwyn: Like what *She looks up at Albby rubbing his fur*

Alberich: Well... first it starts to feel uncomfortable. Then you get a sort of pins and needles sensation, and then it starts to hurt. How fast that happens depends on how familiar the shape is.

Alberich: And, if you hold it too long... well... you know what happens when a khajiit overuses their Eye of Fear, right?

Gwyn: Ouch

Alberich: Yeah... Except it's through your entire body.

Alberich: It's... not pleasant.

Gwyn: You know we spent the night in a doggy bed

Gwyn: *Giggles*

Alberich: *looks at the bed, then looks back at her* ... I thought it felt comfortable. Is there a problem with it?

Alberich: *Doesn't immediately get the joke*

Elia: (Ah. Nevermind Neo. I found the guide to magic.)

Alberich: ...Oh. Right.

Alberich: *chuckles*

Alberich: Well, did you enjoy it?

Elia: *calls in from outside the tent* Hey, is now a bad time?

Gwyn: You were a bit rough *frowns* No come in

Alberich: ...Sorry... I was a bit... excited.

Alberich: I'll try to be more gentle next time.

Alberich: *Kisses her*

Elia: *enters* Ah. I... guess you must be Gwyn.

Gwyn: *Gwyn gives a little hop* Yup, I'm Gwyn

Gwyn: *Realizes she's naked*

Alberich: *Smiles* I'm sure you two have a lot to discuss... Would you two like to talk alone for a bit?

Alberich: (I;ve gotta get going, I'm late)

Gwyn: *Starts dressing*

Elia: Er... It's fine if you wish to stay *looks at Alberich* and, you're both still undressed...

Alberich hurriedly puts on his clothes, changing into human form and heading out.

Alberich: I'll see you two later. I;ll just check on the water situation and see if I can get in a word edgewise with Facrin...

Gwyn: (Bye!)

Alberich: (See you guys later.)

Elia: You do that... *looks to Gwyn* ...

Alberich: (Have fun.)

Gwyn: *Waves to Albby*

Elia: (Bye, Tree.)

Gwyn: Hi Elia

Elia: Hello, Gwyn. You... gonna put some clothes on?

Gwyn: I'm getting them on. Fur is weird

Gwyn: I hardly even need them anyway

Elia: You'll get used to it. *takes a seat away from the bed intentionally*

Gwyn: *Notices and giggles* The bed won't bite

Elia: No, but I can already tell from the smell of it that I don't want to be anywhere near it.

Gwyn: *Sniffs* Wow I can smell more things now

Elia: Yes. And, now you can smell exactly how strong both your... secretions smell.

Gwyn: *Is dressed now*

Gwyn: No, perhaps I'm used to it the bed smells fine to me.

Elia: *sighs* Anyway, I hadn't come just to complain about the smell.

Gwyn: I hope not.

Gwyn: *Sits down gingerly*


Elia: (0.o)

Elia: See, I can't stand to stay here anymore. The dog's losing his memories, we're surrounded by a fog that will kill us if we go into it with many other things within it that will kill us, and honestly, I'd be all for just heading back to Nirn now and asking about what happened when everyone else returns.

Gwyn: I want to leave too

Elia: Good. I was hoping I'd get whoever else wanted to leave and ask Rae to open a portal back to Nirn, then just wait for everyone to finish what they need to do.

Gwyn: I'd like to go with you

Elia: And, Alberich?

Gwyn: I'm not sure if he'd go.

Gwyn: I think he will

Elia: Well, we'll have to ask him before we leave. I'd ask Reg, but he's asleep, and I'd rather not disturb him.

Gwyn: So you'll just leave without him?

Elia: No, if he says no, I'm staying.

Gwyn: I see

Gwyn: *Shifts around uncomfortably*

Elia: Is... something wrong?

Gwyn: You sure you want to know?

Elia: Just from smell, I already know exactly what you two do in here. I can handle it.

Gwyn: Well he was a bit excited. And he didn't really realize that my new body was well new. *She trails off*

Elia: I... Ah... *gives off a small, almost sad giggle* You'll... get used to it...

Raeseil: (I just realized, Gwyn being species changed pretty much spoils Alberichs' secret, doesn't it?)

Gwyn: I'm not sure you fully understand

Raeseil: (or does it?)

Gwyn: (Well no one has seen her yet other than Elia)

Raeseil: (Oh, nevermind, I mised her changing back)

Raeseil: (Yeah... ^^; )

Elia: Do I not? Well, what is the full story, then?

Gwyn: He has a... knot

Elia: Ah... Yes, he probably would.

Gwyn: It's like *Makes a circle with her handpaws?* this big.

Elia: THAT big?

Elia: You sure you're not exagerating?

Gwyn: *Nods* It's scary

Elia: Heh. Most would find it exciting.

Gwyn: Well...

Elia: Ah.

Gwyn: It is both

Elia: *giggles* I remember hearing someone say something like "That which we fear most, also most excites us", or something like that.

Gwyn: Well afterwards isn't very fun.

Elia: Ah, now that's the part you'll get used to. It won't be any less painful, but it'll at least become familiar.

Gwyn: *Frowns then gets a dirty look on her face*

J Ram Mere Casareth joined the chat

J Ram Mere Casareth: (hehe it died i see)

Elia: Oh, now what's that look for?

Kjang joined the chat

Elia: (Hi, J'Ram.)

J Ram Mere Casareth: (hello all)

Kjang: (Where were we... Ah yes Candle light)

J Ram Mere Casareth: (yes)

Ruold joined the chat 8 seconds ago

Gwyn: Nothing

J Ram Mere Casareth: Kjang: *Gets on his knees in front of her* Not just that but it allows you to control the lighting *He waves his hand over his candle light casting a brief shadow over her eyes and he brings his other hand under her chin*

Kjang: *Boop*

Elia: *giggles softly* So, have you come to understand my compliment, yet?

Gwyn: Hmm..?

Elia: The reason I insist on calling you a child?

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Hey!

Gwyn: *Frowns*

Elia: Hm. I'll take that as a no.

Gwyn: Please don't call me a child.

Kjang: See? If you control the lighting you can control that fight.

Elia: Fine. I won't, then.

Gwyn: Thank you

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: I see... but what if they have a way past it?

Kjang: Hit them with a fireball

J Ram Mere Casareth: That is always a good thing. J'Ra: but won't that hurt them?

Elia: ...

Kjang: It will but if you don't hurt them then they will hurt you.

Ruold: (Quick question: where are Kjang and J'Ram?)

Gwyn: (Outside in the town of Chorrol

Gwyn: )

J Ram Mere Casareth: (Kjang J'Ram Teeba annd J'Ra are... yeah what Gwyn said)

Ruold: *notices the three and approaches*

Kjang: You must learn to defend yourself

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: I don't want to hurt.

J Ram Mere Casareth: (you mean 4 three of them are me)

Ruold: (Who's the third you? J'Ram, J'Ra... Oh, Teeba.)

Kjang: It's okay to not want to hurt, but you must want to be strong enough to keep yourself from being hurt.

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Ok *seems quite content with not being hurt*

Ruold: *reaches them* Hail.

J Ram Mere Casareth: Teeba: Kjang, you mind if i givr her something?

J Ram Mere Casareth: [All]: Hello.

Kjang: Not at all. She is your hatchling.

Gwyn: So, do you think Rae will send us back?

J Ram Mere Casareth: T: Hey J'Ra I have something of J'Ram's he says you should have it. *offers her a silver ring* (which is why he did not wear it)

Elia: Probably. If she has the resources, that is...

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *takes and puts it on* What is it?

J Ram Mere Casareth: It is my old ring, i called it the Master Mage ring.... I know dumb name but i was about 10 when i had it.

Gwyn: *Smiles* I'll get to bathe

Elia: *giggles* True.

J Ram Mere Casareth: (the ring reduces all magica use by 50% and increases the wear's magic by 100 points, and a +5 magic regen)

Elia: (That's one hell of a ring.)

J Ram Mere Casareth: I got that from out enchanter in Blackrose... I can't make something this good.

Kjang: *Smiles noticing how enchanted the ring is* I have a good spell idea for you.

J Ram Mere Casareth: (our enchanter)

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Huh?

Kjang: *A small critter runs by which Kjang promptly blasts with a spell. The critter falls over encased in ash*

Ruold: ...

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Why did you do that?

Kjang: *After a moment the critter breaks from the ash and runs off*

J Ram Mere Casareth: Teeba lets go somewhere else and catch up yeah? Let them train. Teeba: ok sure. *they both leave for the bar*

Kjang: To teach little one

Ruold: What...

Raeseil was timed out

Raeseil joined the chat 10 seconds ago

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: What did you do?

Kjang: I paralyzed it.

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Woah.. I want to learn.

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: It did not seem hurt so i want to try.

Gwyn: Does fur take forever to dry?

Kjang: Exactly it doesn't hurt the critter.

Elia: No. It's like... It's like how back when you only had hair on your head. Well, now it's all over your body.

Kjang: No hold your hand out and imagine dust. Imagine that dust caking and rendering anything it touches immoblie

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *she smiles* okay \but what about the fire... it hurts people... one thing at a time J'Ra/

Kjang: Don't worry about hurting or not hurting people worry about protecting yourself

J Ram Mere Casareth: (he knows Jel?)

Gwyn: Hair takes pretty long to dry

Elia: But, it does dry, eventually.

Gwyn: (Oops no he doesn't)

J Ram Mere Casareth: (lol)

Elia: If it didn't, I'd always be wet. *gives off a short laugh*

J Ram Mere Casareth: (hehe)

J Ram Mere Casareth: (you going to reword Kjang?)

Raeseil joined the chat

Kjang: (Nah coincidence)

J Ram Mere Casareth: (ok)

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Wait you understood me?

Gwyn: I'm somewhat scared to go back to my tent with this nose

Elia: (Er... Did I miss something? I thought they were already in the tent.)

Gwyn: (They are in the cabin)

Raeseil: Sorry, back)

Raeseil: I've just had to deal with a lot o nthe side ^^; )

Elia: (Oh, right.)

Alberich was timed out 5 seconds ago

Elia: Heh. I'm sure you'd love the smell. *rolls her eyes*

Kjang: No,

Gwyn: I'm hungry

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Oh... ok well let me try the spell

Elia: Hm... I think I still have some food.

Gwyn: Do you think I could?

Kjang: *Motions for her to go ahead*

Elia: Sure. We're heading back to Nirn soon, so there's no harm in me sharing.

Gwyn: *Salivates*

Elia: *giggles* I'll go get some for you.

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: On what?

Kjang: Me

Raeseil: *At this point~ Raeseil is currently using magic to work on digging out a section of ground, the time needed having finally passed to let her start her work. Nats is helping Raeseil out, and she probably asked Rall to as well, with a shovel, but Facrin is letting her magic energy recharge, and Chrono is...well...being CHrono off somewhere neaby.*


(Music time

Elia: *Rall is indeed helping. His typist is too lazy to switch names to signify this.*

Elia: *Elia goes out to get food, and notices everyone working.*

Kjang: *Throws a punch at J'Ra in very slow motion* Quick cast the spell

Raeseil: *Chrono's being TOTALLY lazy, for the record*

Kjang: Cast the spell J'

Elia: *Elia notices and goes to Chrono* Tired?

Raeseil: [Chrono]A little. Not that bad...

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'RaTries to cast it but she just throws smoke* Aww..

J Ram Mere Casareth: ?? (oh!)

Raeseil: [Chrono]I feel...Isolated. Nobody here is somene I used to know.

Gwyn: *Human Gwyn leaves the cabin upon examination she might look a little different*

Elia: But, didn't Rall keep saying he met you before?

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *tries to cast it but only smoke comes out* Aww... I did not do it..

Kjang: *Boops her nose with his "punch"* Try again little one

Raeseil: [Chrono]I... *Shfits discomfortedly.* ...I don't...know if I want to talk about it...

Elia: Huh? Well, you don't have to if you don't want to, but I won't tell anyone if you do talk about it.

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: \I don't want to disappoint him though... I have to try/ ok *she tries again but the same happens*

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: What am i doing wrong?

Kjang: You haven't failed enough times yet. Try again

Raeseil: [Chr]*Pauses. She looks like she' unsure whether she wants to talk...*

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *nothing happens* Umm... That normal?

Elia: You can tell me if you want.

Kjang: Wait for your Magicka to recharge

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Ok.

Gwyn: *Sits next to Elia*

J Ram Mere Casareth: *within 2 mins her magic is full*

J Ram Mere Casareth: (What exactly am i casting at?)

Gwyn: (Kjang)

J Ram Mere Casareth: (ok)

Raeseil: [Chr]*looks to Rall, then to Elia.* I'm not sure I want to say it, though. But... *She sighs* Things happened.

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *now a little more angry tries again, the spell almost works*

Elia: Hm?

Raeseil: [Chr]Because of everything that happened, bad things happened... *Shakes her head, and looks to the miasma.* I don't know if I want to talk about that...

Kjang: Good job. Now wait and try again

J Ram Mere Casareth: (hey fair WARNING I gave blood so i might pass out really early)

Raeseil: [Chr]I'll have to say it when I tell everyone everything, though...

Raeseil: [Chr]Uhm, you looked like you were in the middle of something, though...

Gwyn: *Scootchs over to Chrono*

Elia: I see... If you don't wish to talk about it, you don't have to...

Raeseil: (I realize I held up RP with Gwyn/Albe, honestly XD!)

Raeseil: oh, ALbe timed out?)

Elia: ...Oh, right. I was going to get food.

Gwyn: *Pokes Chrono*

Raeseil: [Chr]RIght... *She blinks a bit at Gwyn poking her.*

Raeseil: *She's cold to the touch, but not dangerously cold.*

Elia: Gwyn!

Gwyn: Wierd

Raeseil: [Chrono]What's weird?

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *tries again*

J Ram Mere Casareth: *success*

J Ram Mere Casareth: (I was doing flips that whole time)

Kjang: *The ash disappears on contact with Kjang* Thank you

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Yay! I did it!

Gwyn: You're cold

Kjang: Good now next you must learn to fight without magicka

Elia: Gwyn, it's rude to poke people.

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: Wait... what?

Gatunk joined the chat

Kjang: Quick block *Kjang throws a wide slow punch incredibly easy to block*


Raeseil: [Chr]It...does feel rude...But I can answer. Gwyn, I am a manifestation of cold itself. I am a child of the concept of cold itself.

Raeseil: (Chara! ^^)

Gatunk: (*Slams X key*)

Raeseil: [Chrono]So...I am actualy quite warm to what you should be expecting.

Gwyn: Nah you are cold *Touches Chrono's ears*

Raeseil: [Chrono]*Is rather confused about the touching and poking. She looks a little uncomfortable.* I'm raw frost itself. Any warmth I have instead of the most absolute of coldness is very hot compared to what my temperature should be.

Elia: Gwyn! Enough!

Gatunk: (Should I science... Nah. This is sort of a parallel to Nirn.)

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *She quickly dodges back then after the punch is past her she rushes in and pushes Kjang hard* HEY!

Gwyn: *sulks* Sorry

Raeseil: (It's a little complicated than her being literally absolute zero manifest XD!)

Raeseil: (*more complicated)

Elia: *gets up and goes to her pack*

Reg-Nall joined the chat

Kjang: *Kjang turns on his knees he is abit to big for her push to do much* Look out another *Left hand incoming... slowly*

Raeseil: *Chrono watches Elia go to her pack, then looks to Gwyn* It was making me a little uncomfortable...and...I remember how upset you were when we first met...

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *She grabs it with both hands*

Raeseil: [Raeseil]*Smiles* That's deep enough, Rall. ...and wide enough. I think it's ready to fill with water.

Elia: *Rall nods and backs away.*

Kjang: *He lets her grab it and turns his hand in such a way that she finds she can hardly hold on. Right hand incoming!*

J Ram Mere Casareth: (That was taken way out of context.. ok not just looking up for a second any more Rae)

Gwyn: Can I touch you?

Raeseil: [Rae]*Starts using water magic to start filling the hole in the ground.* This should be good to refill the supplies.

J Ram Mere Casareth: *She tries to kick the other hand*

Elia: [Rall] Excellent. *tests it by filling his waterskin*

Raeseil: [Chrono]Err... uhm... ...I guess... ...Sure...

Kjang: *He catches her foot and attempts tripping*

Raeseil: [Water]*The water is clear and fresh. It's perfectly fine to fill the waterskin.*

Gwyn: *Gwyn examines Chrono*

Elia: *Rall fills his waterskin.*

Raeseil: [Chrono]*Chrono's body is still pretty much mostly the alimara's ainsou body when it was killed, but...subtle little details seem damage and injured, though the coloration is silver instead of red. She seems to have repaired the body otherwise from what it was like when she got it.*

Raeseil: (If there's something specific you're looking for, I really wouldn't know to bring it up or not, so let me know XD!)

Gwyn: *Pulls on an ear*

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *She lets go of his hand and jumps with his grab using her tail to keep her up for if only a second, she uses her other foot to kick Kjang*

Gwyn: *Lightly*

Raeseil: [Raeseil]*Kneels down.* After this, I'm going to set up some methods to make it viable to bathe in and everything, and not cause problems for using to drink from. You know, recycle, reduce, reuse.* [Nats]That is not Nirn thing... [Rae]...Oh.

Kjang: *Stands holding onto her leg, She'll likely end up upside down and in the air* Good.

Elia: *Rall's confused.*

Raeseil: [Rae]Well, I probably will set up separate bathrooms and toilets ,and... [Nats]They're as advanced as outhouses... [Rae]...

Reg-Nall: (Hmm. I think I asked before, but what is Rusher doing in all this?)

Elia: [Rall] ...

Raeseil: [Chrono]*Chrono's ears is...uhm..pullable, flexible?*

Reg-Nall: (*Err, while this is hap'nin?)

Raeseil: (Something assumably important)

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *is upside down, holding her dress up/down.. you know what i mean* I did good?

Gwyn: *Inspects hand*

Raeseil: (If absolutely nothing else, Facrin probably asked him to do rounds to make sure the cabin is safe, considering an alimara attacked)

Gwyn: (Holy cow, Gwyn is good at shifting due to her curiosity she inspects people)

Gwyn: (I knew I had a reason)

Raeseil: [Chrono]Why so thorough?

Gwyn: I'm interested. You're different.

Raeseil: [Chrono]HOw?

Gwyn: *Holds her own hand up to Chrono's and 'copies' it* See? *Smiles*

Raeseil: (As in shapeshift copy or just try to mimic posture kind of copy?)

Raeseil: (TBH it's why I vouche for that not too much time has passed within the realm itself: It isn't just a little weird, but flatout wtf territory. ^^;;; )

Kjang: Don't stop little one remember you have your spells

Gwyn: (Shift)

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: But you said with out magic..

Alberich joined the chat

Raeseil: Alberich! You're back)

Alberich: (Yep, I am.)

Kjang: Because you had no Magicka. You are beat don't let rules stop you from winning

J Ram Mere Casareth: (hello I.T.)

Kjang: (WB)

Alberich: (Hey J, how's things?)

J Ram Mere Casareth: J'Ra: *as he was speaking she had already hit him with 3 fireballs*

Raeseil: [Rae]Uhm. I'm going to make separate thingies for the water... *Sighs* ...I will divide water for cleaning, divide water for drinking, and divide water for other purposes.

Raeseil: [rae]*hugs Rall* Sorry. I didn't mean to frustrate you.

Alberich: (Does we has the earlier parts of the RP? I wanna read how things have been going.  )

J Ram Mere Casareth: (it goes well. Though i may get off soon. I am a Pint low on blood)

Raeseil: (D:!)

Elia: [Rall] *hugs back* It's okay.

Raeseil: (I'm trying to keep up on logs, but I'm worried I'll accidentally lose these logs...I think multiple people are keeping track? Not sure?)



Events summary:

Chrono informs Gwyn that she doesn't like the idea of being copied. Gwyn invites Chrono to come with them when the advance group leaves for Nirn, but Chrono declines, saying that she wants to stay with other ainsou and that there are no ainsou on Nirn. Gwyn leaves to go find Alby.

Alby talks with Facrin, asking her some questions about the players in the current situation. In particular he learns that Raesiel is known to Facrin as "The Executioner of Rasira", where Rae destroyed an entire colony in what Facrin describes as a power play between Sabriel and Chronis. This heavy discussion is interrupted by Gwyn's arrival. As the conversation continues, it comes up that all of the ainsou-related realms are coming apart like the Alimara Graveyard.

<Insert information about what J'ra and Kjang were up to>


Alberich: That's... that's terrible, what causes this to happen? 12:56 AM

Reg-Nall: (Alimara graveyard is now the official name?) 12:57 AM

Facrin joined the chat 1:00 AM

Facrin: Sorry, chat felt more than happy to completely freeze up on em) 1:01 AM

Gwyn: *Whispers dirty stuff in Albby's ear to distract him* 1:01 AM

Facrin: Anyway, it was actually called the alimara graveyard first, by Raeseil, I think) 1:01 AM

Facrin: It's because of Sabriel, actually. Whatever she did that caused the cataclysm to destroy the alimara, she caused to ruin this realm and our other homelands. 1:02 AM

Alberich: *Is somewhat surprised at what Gwyn is whispering in his ear* [sub]...a yoyo and a pineapple?![/sub] 1:03 AM

Facrin: (XD!) 1:03 AM

Gwyn: (lol) 1:03 AM

Reg-Nall: (Whew. I'm too tired to keep up. Sorry I wasn't active tonight, fellas.) 1:06 AM

Gwyn: (NP) 1:07 AM

Alberich: *Discreetly tries to sniff at Gwyn to see if she might be in heat or something* Uh... Hm. That's what the field of crystal is all about, right? 1:07 AM

Facrin: The graveyard used to have a more official name, but it kidn of got lost in time) 1:07 AM

Facrin: it's ok, g'night) 1:07 AM

Alberich: (OK, Chara, take care) 1:07 AM

Reg-Nall: (You guys'll have to save the logs without my aid.) 1:07 AM

Reg-Nall: (G'Night all!) 1:07 AM

Facrin:'s pretty much the remnants of every single alimara to die there. 1:07 AM

Alberich: ( Good night!) 1:07 AM

Facrin: Their cores seem to have been destroyed,'s not exactly corpses persay, but... it's as close as you'll hae to them. 1:08 AM

Alberich: Why would Sabriel try to kill off the alimara? 1:08 AM

Facrin: I'm not sure. I only can guess based on what was said in the documents. She tried to kill the alimara so that Chroni and Pandora wouldn't have them. She didn't trust them existing or something of the like, and just decided that it was more important to kill them all. 1:09 AM

Gwyn: *Enjoys being sniffed, she giggles* *She doesn't smell of heat* 1:11 AM

Facrin: *Facrin expresses patience. She noticed Gwyn didn't seem...interested... but Alberich wanted to know, and she was happy to explain it to him.* 1:12 AM

Alberich: How exactly are the alimara related to the ainsou? Why did the zombie alimara we killed turn into an ainsou corpse? *He's debating wrapping up early and attending to what Gwyn would like to do* 1:13 AM

Facrin: Everyone thought that the alimara were the predecessors of ainsou, but...the document...says differently. Apparently ainsou are a type of base form that alimara develop out of. IT's like metamorphosis, in a way. Ainso transferm into a new entity of another kind, the alimara. That's not normally something that reverses, but, whatever is going on with the zombie alimara, ended up having its existance as an alimara stripped away entirely. 1:15 AM

Facrin: something internally broke, and brought out what was used to develop the body. 1:15 AM

Alberich: It's pretty strange... But... well, you know Gwyn and I met Chronis back on Nirn, right? 1:17 AM

Facrin: I pieced it together, from the way you described the ainsou you met. Iwas surprised she was in Nirn. I also met her before we left to meet Raeseil 1:18 AM

Facrin: ...SHe wasn't clear why exactly she was around... 1:18 AM

Alberich: She said she was 'sightseeing'. She also told us something that I think might be relevant to the situation. 1:20 AM

Facrin: Go ahead? 1:20 AM

Alberich: When I called her the ainsou goddess, she corrected me and said she was the alimara goddess. 1:20 AM

Alberich: That has me thinking that somehow Chronis was involved in the creation of the alimara, in changing them from ainsou. And that the rift between Sabriel and Chronis is tied to the alimara genocide. 1:22 AM

Facrin: *Thinks some* ....Now that you bring up that context...there' important clue here. 1:22 AM

Gwyn: *Snuggles* 1:23 AM

Facrin: The ainsou came from the alimara, supposedly, and she's the goddess of the alimara... *pausese* I don't think the ainsou goddess is alive anymore. I think what Sabriel did atually killed the ainsou goddess. It fits perfectl, in that context. 1:23 AM

Facrin: Chronis started being mentioned when the alimara died, the ainsou had to be reborn, Sabriel was able to do anything that pulled away ainsou from Chronis. And...just the horrible state of the alimara graveyard, and how its effects ripple through modernday ainsou and our homealands. 1:25 AM

Facrin: Why call herself the ainsou goddess? She's associated with alimara, after all...and why say alimara came from ainsou? She had to redevelop the ainsou out of the alimara 1:25 AM

Facrin: And this explains why there's so much longstanding, subtle tension. 1:26 AM

Facrin: The rebirthed ainsou are associated with the alimara Sabriel tried to kill, and Sabriel trying to kill the alimara in the first plae puts down Chronis as mortal enemy with her. Chronis is the leader of what she stands against. 1:26 AM

Alberich: *Snuggles Gwyn back. This is proving to be a bit much for him to take in.* 1:30 AM

Gwyn: *Enjoys distracting Albby* 1:30 AM

Facrin: ... *thinks worridly* ...If the problem with ainsou is the losiash... *worridly looks to Alberich* ...If my theory is correct...This is an extremely big discovery: <Continued>​ 1:31 AM

Gwyn: *Competes for attention* 1:32 AM

Facrin: The losiash isn't some space between realms or anything like that. It's literally a divine poison. The ainsou are possibly infected with a god-venom of sorts. That explains all the failure, all the lack of control, and maybe even why it was important to slaughter the ainsou of Tivisal in the first place. I don't...I don't even know if us being in Nirn is safe or healthy for Nirn anymore. 1:32 AM

Facrin: This also explains why ainsou like the malikanah use losiash, unlike Facrins like me...of course not, my jurisdiction is divinity, not...some toxic corruption..This...this is very big news. 1:34 AM

Alberich: That's... *How does one even begin to describe that?* ...What is to be done, then? 1:34 AM

Alberich: CAN anytyhing be done? 1:35 AM

Facrin: ...I don't even know where to begin... This is something far higher than anything I could ever think of to deal with. I'm just glad Sabriel's destructive ambition was stopped, or at least stalled. 1:35 AM


Facrin: I don't know what can be done, but maybe I could think of something...I hope I could think of something...Thank you for talking to be Alberich...but...I think I'm going to need to think about this. 1:36 AM

Facrin: *Casually combats competition with 'world mystery just was uncovered that could permanantly impact everyone entirely.' XD* 1:37 AM

Gwyn: *Gropes Albby* ** 1:38 AM

Alberich: ...You should talk to Rae about this. mabye between the two of you... I'm sorry, something else seems to need my attention now. o.o 1:39 AM

Alberich: I'll, um, leave you to your contemplations. 1:39 AM

Gwyn: *Is quite proud ofherself* 1:40 AM

Alberich: *Stands up, with difficulty as Gwyn is clinging to him like a limpet* 1:40 AM

Facrin: Indeed. The fate of Nirn and my own species surviving an apocolyptic disaster doesn't seem to be attention grabbing to her. *A very dead pan tone was used. She develops a more optimistic tone.* but I will sort something out, as soon as I try to sort it out in my own mind. 1:40 AM

Facrin: Thank you for your time and curiosity, Alberich 1:40 AM

Alberich: Good luck, Facrin... 1:40 AM

Alberich: *Stands* 1:41 AM

Facrin: (my tablet battery is 3%, admittedly XD) 1:41 AM

Facrin: Thank you 1:41 AM

Alberich: *Scoops Gwyn up in his arms* I guess you would like to head to the tent? *smiles* 1:42 AM

Gwyn: *Giggles* 1:42 AM

Facrin: SHutting off tablet, g'night ^^; ) 1:43 AM

Gwyn: *Smiles at Facrin, a sort of 'I won' smile* 1:43 AM

Alberich: (Gnight Rae!) 1:43 AM

Facrin: *Facrin doesn't seem to notice* 1:43 AM

Alberich: *Carries her there* 1:43 AM

Gwyn: ('Night Rae) 1:44 AM

Gwyn: *Looks up at Albby* 1:46 AM

Alberich: *Once in the tent again, he sets her down on the bedroll and changes to his foxy form* Well, how did it go? You seem to have figured out your human shape pretty quickly. 1:47 AM

Gwyn: *Becomes fluffy Gwyn* It wasn't to hard I am still me after all. 1:48 AM

Gwyn: *Snuggles* 1:50 AM

Alberich: *Snuggles back* That is true. I'm just a little surprised you've picked it up so quickly. Surprised and delighted. 1:51 AM

Gwyn: When you asked what is wrong earlier... 1:52 AM

Alberich: Yes? 1:54 AM

Gwyn: I'm uh... could you not knot me this time? 1:55 AM

Alberich: ( O.o OOC, I'm not sure what that means...) 1:56 AM

Gwyn: (Lol, google dog breeding ) 1:56 AM

Gwyn: (Shall I explain it?) 1:58 AM

Alberich: (Is it PG13 to explain?) 1:58 AM

Gwyn: (Yeah, it's dog breeding) 1:59 AM

Gwyn: (Though) 1:59 AM

Alberich: (Hm. OK, I can't really find anything on google...) 2:00 AM

Gwyn: ( 2:00 AM

Gwyn: (Temp chat to discuss dog breeding) 2:01 AM

Gwyn: (The logs must remain pure) 2:01 AM

Gwyn: (Explanation complete) 2:16 AM

Alberich: ... I'm sorry, I'll try not to... 2:16 AM

Gwyn: *Snuggles* 2:16 AM

Gwyn: (You should really get a Skype) 2:17 AM

Alberich: *Takes the lead tonight. He's more careful this time.* 2:18 AM

Gwyn: *And end scene* 

April 20 Edit

Chara: Forgive this one, Chrono. Do'Reg-Nall has not introduced himself yet, he believes. 8:43 PM

Raeseil: [chrono]*Looks to Chara with a nod, saying " I don't believe so... Pleased to meet, Chara. I am...well...Chrono."* 8:45 PM

Gwyn: (He only says his name when he talks soo) 8:45 PM

Rall: (Holy crap. I just realized. It's 4/20.) 8:46 PM

Raeseil: ?) 8:46 PM

Alberich: (Where does the month go?) 8:46 PM

Chara: (Yep. ​Hitler's birthday​ national weed day.) 8:46 PM

Chara: We shall no doubt be moving again soon, but you have made this one curious. What did you mean earlier? About "eating cold"? 8:47 PM

Raeseil: I didn't miss the line, just figurign out how to type out her repsonse XD ) 8:52 PM

Chara: (There's always the convinient "[Facrin] Time to move, everyone!") 8:53 PM

Raeseil: Yeah, but she can walk and talk anyway XD! And I don't know if everyone else is ready and up for RP XD ) 8:53 PM

Rall: (I'm ready.) 8:54 PM

Rall: *Rall's just... doing his thing.* 8:54 PM

Gwyn: (I'm ready) 8:54 PM

Alberich: (So am I, I'm just getting some tea ready) 8:54 PM

Raeseil: [Chr]*Thinks of how to best explain it* Eating is technically a crude way that I put it... KJnowing how I eat is directly connected to what I am. My existence is the raw projection, into the world, of the ability for things to be cold. I control the release and the way cold itself manifests. When cold that's not part of me becomes present, I relax by channeling through the new instance. 8:55 PM

Raeseil: [Chr]So, it's more like being able to rest and refresh myself a little bit rather than like eating, but it's what I do instead of eat, and, in a way, I'm absorbing the cold. 8:56 PM

Raeseil: [Fac]Alright, we should get ready to move on! 8:58 PM

Rall: *stands up* Ready as I'll ever be. 8:58 PM

Gwyn picks up her spear 8:58 PM

Chara: *Gives his bow a once over to make sure it's undamaged* 8:59 PM

Alberich gets act together 8:59 PM

Raeseil: [Nats]*Wakes up from her nap* [Chr]Maybe we can talk about it more on the way. 9:00 PM Gwyn: (MSPARP looks safe again) 9:03 PM

Chara: (I think it was primarily me that was having trouble, though.) 9:03 PM

Raeseil: Maybe try dropping your SN in to see if it stays?) 9:04 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth joined the chat  9:04 PM

Chara: (Hey J! How goes it?) 9:05 PM

Alberich: (Hey J!) 9:05 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (hey guys) 9:05 PM

Raeseil: Hello J'Ram) 9:05 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (so sorry i missed the last 2 sessions?) 9:07 PM

Raeseil: [Fac]*Checks over the status of the devices* We still have plenty of time in order to proceed, but we'll have to proceed. Alberich, if your device ever stops functioning properly, we'll probably need to abort and then turn back. Likewise, I'll return to you if the same happens to me. 9:07 PM

Raeseil: [Fac]We don't know what caused the last one to stop working properly. 9:08 PM

Alberich: Which one was it that stopped working? 9:08 PM

Raeseil: [Fac]...The one that Gwyn brought with her. 9:09 PM

Alberich: ...I see. 9:09 PM

Raeseil: [Fcr]It gave out when it was in the middle of recharging. 9:09 PM

Alberich: Maybe it just broke because it had been used too long? 9:10 PM

Chara: (J: We're on another outing. We left Elia, Rusher, and... Someone else behind.) 9:11 PM

Raeseil: [Fac]Highly unlikely: it just discharges and recharges. Raeseil came back fine, for example, and she practically stress tested the duration it can work. 9:11 PM

Chara: (Pretty sure it was Rae.) 9:11 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (so what is going on?) 9:11 PM

Raeseil: (Yeah, Rae stayed behind, but he gave your bow to Chara) 9:11 PM

Raeseil: (They're trying to find Pandora) 9:11 PM

Gwyn: (We're looking for the Holy Grail) 9:11 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (*Shoots up* I AM ARTHER KING OF THE BRITANS!!) 9:12 PM

Chara: (Sacre Bleu!) 9:12 PM

Alberich: (Fetchez la vache!) 9:13 PM

Gwyn: (Я не понимаю) 9:14 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Que es esto? No mas por favor) 9:15 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Hablamos Ingles por favor) 9:15 PM

Alberich: (My hovercraft is full of eels!) 9:16 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Yumm) 9:16 PM

Alberich: Hm. Any idea what ​might​ cause it to break? 9:16 PM

Alberich: (I'm guessing battery memory. Or it's after its warranty.) 9:17 PM

Raeseil: [Fac]*offers the remote, and then starts ahead.* Let's go, since we're all ready. 9:17 PM

Raeseil: Shall we do the actual continuation on the MSPARP then?) 9:17 PM

Gwyn: (Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей?) 9:17 PM

Raeseil: ...isn't that russian?) 9:17 PM

Gwyn: (Yes it's Russian for my hovercraft is full of eels) 9:18 PM

Gwyn: (#1 most useful phrase) 9:18 PM

May 22 Edit

Alberich is riding ahead of the other horse a bit, scouting for any trouble. She also looks back frequently for indications of pursuit. 8:47 PM

Dite: *Having left Oasisname, Iago, Dite, and Kihtar set off into the desert bound for Cyrodiil.* 8:47 PM

Alberich changed name to Kihtar 8:47 PM

Kihtar: (Ooops forgot to change my name...) 8:47 PM

Kihtar: (Alberich, what are you doing hanging around with Iago?!?! X3 ) 8:47 PM

Kjang: (Lol) 8:49 PM

Kihtar is riding ahead of the other horse a bit, scouting for any trouble. She also looks back frequently for indications of pursuit. 8:49 PM

Dite holds onto the horse for support. 8:51 PM

Kjang changed name to Iago 8:51 PM

Iago rides after her trying to stay nearby. This isn't a caravan anymore 8:52 PM

Do Reg-Nall: (I'll be honest, I haven't really been keeping up lately. I'll stay nearby if you need a fourth, I guess.) 8:56 PM

Kihtar: *After nearly an hour of this* Looks like no sign of pursuit yet, Iago... 8:56 PM

Iago: If we continue to be unpredictable we just might stay that way. 8:57 PM

Kihtar: (The caravan was destroyed by... someone, and then in the next town Kihtar ran into one of Reanel's group. So they decided to head back to Cyrodiil) 8:58 PM

Dite remains silent, just holding onto the horse. 8:58 PM

Kihtar: *Nods* ...Iago... this one would like to know what danger we are facing besides Reanel. You said you would tell us last night, though... we were somewhat interrupted? 8:59 PM

Iago: Yes, well... a very persistent person wants revenge on me. I thought he was dead... turns out he's not.... I can't be 100% sure on anything. *He doesn't look to want to talk about it.* 9:02 PM

Dite: So... we should be safe if we just keep moving? 9:02 PM

Iago: We should be safe if we stick in a group together. 9:03 PM

Do Reg-Nall: (*Quicksand forms. Party is too large to escape.*) 9:06 PM

Kihtar: *Frowns* It might be helpful to at least know this person's capabilities. Are they a mage? 9:06 PM

Dite: (XD) 9:06 PM

Last message was written 7 minutes ago

Kihtar: (...Is this thing working?) 9:15 PM

Do Reg-Nall: (Huh. It wasn't for me.) 9:15 PM

Dite: (Hm?) 9:15 PM

Do Reg-Nall: (IT asked if it's working. I didn't even see him ask that until I refreshed.) 9:16 PM

Dite: (I got that when he sent it... assuming he sent it a minute ago.) 9:16 PM

Iago: I've never seen him, though yes 9:17 PM

Kihtar: Hm... What does this person want revenge for, then, if he and Iago have never met? 9:19 PM

Iago: Well I've not seen him in a long time. *Thinks* I just assume that *Seems to back into deep thought* 9:21 PM

Dite: Iago? 9:22 PM

Kihtar does not press Iago further, simply waiting for him to decide to let them in. 9:30 PM

Do Reg-Nall changed name to Antus Atrius 9:34 PM

Antus Atrius: (Hmm. What's a good color for an Imperial?) 9:34 PM

Dite: (*shrugs*) 9:34 PM

Antus Atrius: (I'll call this good enough.) 9:35 PM

Antus Atrius: *A single Imperial man is on the road to the nearest town.* 9:36 PM

May 22-B Edit

Sergeant Balgarr walks into the inn. He looks quite out-of-place. 10:20 PM

Raeseil changed name to Cyrikoe 10:20 PM

Sergeant Balgarr sits at the bar and waits. 10:23 PM

Cyrikoe: Sorry, needed amoment) 10:23 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Right, I'm just giving the others a chance to enter.) 10:24 PM

Cyrikoe: *Cyrikoe was out in the lobby of the inn, taking care of miscllanious maintance ends, such as straightening tables, and cleaning every mess of here-and-there...* Good day. *She gives a nod of greeting to the patron. Even if he seemed out of place, she ought to pay respect.* Good day *When he goes towards the bar, she goes behind the bar* What can I get for yuo? 10:24 PM

Cyrikoe: (How does he seem out of place? Just some subtle 'off'?) 10:24 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Yeah, I guess it's cliche that I start things out at a bar. But there's a limited number of places to go in a small town.) 10:24 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Balgarr is looking at everything and nervously tapping the scabbard of his sword.) 10:25 PM

Cyrikoe: By the way. Please bee at peace. No harm is to come to any patron here unless if they were to start something malicious. 10:26 PM

Kihtar: (I'm blanking on a character idea right now... O.o All I've got is a khajiit thief and a gothy, cynical teenaged shifter girl right now. Neither of which I think I want to use right now.) 10:26 PM

Kihtar: (Oh wait, there is that Orc blacksmith I used a while back... I don't think I gave him a first name, though.) 10:27 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (That second one sounds interesting. Maybe you could enter one of her friends?) 10:27 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: No need to tell me that ma'am; I'm the count's newest officer. Sergeant Balgarr, here to keep the peace. 10:28 PM

Kihtar: (Second one? You mean the shifter?) 10:28 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Yes.) 10:28 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (If you don't want to play her, maybe someone related to her? I wasn't planning anything grand for this scene.) 10:30 PM

Kihtar changed name to Noir Sunset 10:30 PM

Noir Sunset: (I suppose I'll play as her. It'll be fun. [smile] ) 10:31 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: And, uh, what's good around here? I want something dignified, and proper. Something fit for an officer. 10:32 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (I am yeah) 10:32 PM

Cyrikoe: I see. I should have thought of it, with your apparent status through the armor. Congratulations on your promotion to being the count's officer. 10:35 PM

Noir Sunset: *A human girl of about 15 or 16, seated at a table not far from here, snorts* Dignified and proper don't sound like nothin' fit for a copper. *said quietly* 10:35 PM

Cyrikoe: I'm Cyrikoe Moonstalker, pleased to meet you, Sergeant. 10:35 PM

Cyrikoe: *She looks to the teenager, perking an eyebrow.* I think it's fine for them to be dignified and proper, if not appropriate. 10:37 PM

Sergeant Balgarr looks at her disapprovingly. Then turns back to Cyrikoe. 10:37 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: So, what's the, uh... The special? 10:39 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Guys i have to be at work in 7 hours. I am going to go to bed. Sorry your Serpent friend cant be on long tonight) 10:40 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Aw. G'night J!) 10:40 PM

Noir Sunset: (Ah, OK... well, good night, J, take care.) 10:40 PM

Cyrikoe: Our current special is the Prince's Salad. It's a popular, I couldn't help but put it as a special. *She smiles proudly.* 10:40 PM

Cyrikoe: G'night) 10:40 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: As always **bows** Requescot en pache Amigos!) 10:41 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: Hmm. I'll try that then. 10:41 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth left the chat  10:41 PM

Noir Sunset: *Quietly again* Has to be good with a crazy name like that. 10:43 PM

Cyrikoe: Alright *Nods* *She looks to the girl, and perks an eyebrow* We're not going to have a problem here, are we? 10:44 PM

Noir Sunset: Only if someone else makes one, innkeep. 10:47 PM

Cyrikoe: You certainly are giving the impression that you intend to, yourself. *Her attitude towards her softens* Anyway, is there anything I can get you while I'm at it with preparing the salad? 10:48 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: Oh, wait, it's an actual salad? No, I'll just have mead. 10:49 PM

Cyrikoe: Alright, mead then. 10:50 PM

Noir Sunset: *Gives a chortle* OK, copper, that was pretty funny. I'll have a mead too. 10:50 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Looks at the... Imperial?* Aren't you a little young to be here on your own? 10:51 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Just to be clear, he's looking at Sunset.) 10:52 PM

Cyrikoe: Mead seems a bit much for you. I apologize, but I do run a local rule that there's a lower limit on age for the alcoholics. It's a safety concern, as it causes problems if something happens and it upsets the parents. 10:53 PM

Cyrikoe: Had a bit of an incident with it before. 10:54 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Cyrikoe certainly is level headed. Most people would be annoyed by these two by now.) 10:55 PM

Noir Sunset: *She definitely looks Imperial* I been on my own for a long time, ace. No-one worries about me but me. 10:55 PM

Cyrikoe: *She weighs it in her mind. It was not unbelievable, considering she freely waltzed in on the bar.* Hmm... *She gives a nod* Alright. I'm not in the habit of calling people liars. You can have your mead, as long as you understand that if it turns out your lying and something happens that gets parents down o nme --that I'll enact a ban on you. Sounds fair? 10:59 PM

Noir Sunset: Fair deal, ace. 11:01 PM

Cyrikoe: Alright. It'll be a quick moment *She smiles, and fetches a couple of mugs, which she proceeds to fill with some mead from a nearby keg.* 11:02 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Looks at Sunset, a little critically.* You don't sound like anyone I've ever heard. Just where are you from? 11:03 PM

Noir Sunset: Nowhere you've heard of, I'd bet. 11:05 PM

Cyrikoe: *She giggles a bit, and comes to the counter, placing the mugs before the pair of guests* 11:05 PM

Noir Sunset: *she picks up her mead and sips it slowly, mainly to forestall having to answer any further questions.* 11:07 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Takes a sip* 11:08 PM

Cyrikoe: Enjoy. It was a lot of trouble to get mead this quality. 11:08 PM

Noir Sunset: *Noir just about snarks about how Cyri shouldn't have bothered, but catches herself. She's not ready to be thrown out just yet.* 11:11 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (*Alcohol spurts out of her nose*) 11:12 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Oh, wait, "snarks." I read "Snorts." Soz.) 11:12 PM

Noir Sunset: (lol) 11:13 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: Mead is mead, isn't it? *Sudden realization* I mean, of course good mead is hard to get! That's what makes it good? I think. 11:15 PM

Cyrikoe: *She blankly stares, then shrugs* It's what you make of it. Meed is mead, but shitty mead is just shit. 11:15 PM

Noir Sunset: *OK, that one isn't getting away.* Yeah, and the price helps make it even better. 11:16 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Looks at his drink, and sighs.* *Sip* It tastes good. I mean, that's what really matters. 11:18 PM

Cyrikoe: If that's what you make of it. *She doesn't seem to care.* *She turns attention to Sergeant Balgarr* It really is. 11:18 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Takes a bigger swig.* You know, Cyrikoe, is it? You're not such a bad sort. 11:20 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: Can I tell you something? 11:20 PM

Cyrikoe: Go ahead. 11:20 PM

Noir Sunset: Oh, now the pickup lines start... 11:20 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Sorry if I'm leaving you out, IT, but, y'know.... You're playing someone annoying [tongue] ) 11:20 PM

Noir Sunset: (She's definitely annoying. X3 ) 11:21 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: I never visit these places. I ALWAYS went drinking with the guys, but everyone says I play favorites. 11:21 PM

Noir Sunset: *Finishes her mead, then passes the mug to Cyri* Another one. 11:22 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: And now Rusher's gone hunting some Ainsou, and now... Everything's just getting out of hand. I don't know what to do about all this! I'm not even supposed to be an officer! 11:23 PM

Cyrikoe: I heard about the ainsou. Three of them were seen around the town. I've seen them with my own eyes a few times, too. *She takes the mug, and refills the mead*  11:24 PM

Cyrikoe: (Cyrikoe's just oging to keep her tab in mind, thinking she's liable to run off) 11:25 PM

Cyrikoe: She's not going to hold too much against Noir, though. She's getting the impression, though, that she's had to toughen herself up because harsh lifestyle) 11:26 PM

Noir Sunset: *Takes it and starts drinking again* Eh. So now you've learned the big secret of the guys in charge. Nobody knows what's really going on. Everyone's just faking that they know what to do. 11:27 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: They'll demote me as soon as the count has another child. And really, I can't wait. I'm not trained for any of this. 11:29 PM

Cyrikoe: Hm. Things are peaceful enough that you don't have to extensively worry. I'm sure that they're sane enough not to hire a downright liability. *She takes to cleaning a mug* Though yeah, I can imagine...a secret about nobody knowign what's going? I'm not going to say enough to draw retaliation about slander my way, no matter what I think. 11:32 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: The prison lost a whole wall, Qira was murdered in her own inn, and all kinds of wierd races keep showing up! Two weeks ago the chapel's dead attacked the town! Do you know who stopped them!?! THE SHADOWSCALES! 11:34 PM

Noir Sunset: Heh. No-one likes to hear the truth, ace. S'why everyone lies. Everyone's got some secrets they're carrying around. *She's pretty small-bodied. It looks like she can't really hold her liquor that well* 11:35 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: And WHAT IS AN ACE!?! 11:36 PM

Cyrikoe: Yeah, I've heard all about ---except that last bet. I hear all kinds of people who could hold a sword did it for the town. It was the highlight of crazy. *She smiles to Noir* Isn't that the truth? Lies always slip, though. 11:37 PM

Cyrikoe: The ace is the ace, meow!) 11:37 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: No, I'm telling you, I was there! One of the prisoners was held for eight counts of murder, and Mira had him hung from the flagpole when we found out he was a werewolf. He burned the chapel with some kinda mega-spell. Nearly killed the guys inside. 11:40 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Glug* 11:41 PM

Noir Sunset: Heh. Sounds like my kinda guy. *Sips hers* Yeah, lies always slip sometime. An'then, POW! You're dead or somethin'. 11:42 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Holds up mug* Can I get a refill? 11:43 PM

Cyrikoe: 'course. *She takes the mug, and starts refilling.* Always, 'uness you're tougher than the person who cauyght you, of course 11:44 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: "Caught you"? 11:45 PM

Cyrikoe: *She gives the Sergeant his mug* If someone's angry enough to kill a person over a lie they made, then, naturally they have to accomplish that 'killing' step. I was just making an idle remark, really. 11:46 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Takes mug* 11:48 PM

Noir Sunset: Yeah... Jus' gotta be tougher. Or trickier. Or just luckier... 11:48 PM

Cyrikoe: One of such... Anyway, it's all pretty crazy, but things are going to calm down. I'm convinced of that since things are already starting to return to normal. 11:49 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: Hah. It's only been a couple days. *Shoots Noir a dirty look* Something else'll turn up. 11:51 PM

Noir Sunset: Oh, what, you think I'm here to make trouble, copper? Just 'cause you don't like me, you gonna accu *hic* accuse me of the next mess that lands on your desk? 11:54 PM

Cyrikoe: *Cyrikoe doesn't think she's going to be surprised. The youth is liable to have been making ends meet less than lawfully.* 11:57 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: No need. I'm sure I'll know as soon as you're in trouble. 11:57 PM

Sergeant Balgarr: After all, it only takes a "slip", right? 11:59 PM

Noir Sunset: An' already it starts! People just take a look at me an' think, that kid, she's some kinda thief or somethin'. And then as soon as somethin' goes wrong it's me they blame it on. 12:00 AM

Sergeant Balgarr: A thief? Who said anything about theft? 12:00 AM

Sergeant Balgarr: I'm expecting to see you about "drunk and disorderly." 12:01 AM

Noir Sunset: People always assuming because of appearances. Lemme tell you, app *hic* appearances ain't what counts, ace. Appearances are the first lie people tell ya, an' they don't even have to open their fat mouths to do it. 12:01 AM

Cyrikoe: Hmm... Either way, maybe we should have a change of topic. I wouldn't want the stay here to be uncomfortable 12:02 AM

Sergeant Balgarr: I was thinking of "alcohol poisoning." I'd recommend you not give her any more to drink. 12:04 AM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Glances out the window* Oh, I've got to get back to the barracks! 12:05 AM

Noir Sunset: Who asked you, copper? I don't need no coppers stickin' their noses in my business. No one looks after me but me, unnerstand? *hic* 12:05 AM

Cyrikoe: I had in mind on when to make a cut. Thank you for your thoughts but I do keep such in mind. 12:05 AM

Sergeant Balgarr: *Gives a 20% tip on the drink price* Fair enough, it seems I've worn out my welcome. 12:06 AM

Cyrikoe: Return any time. 12:07 AM

Noir Sunset leans on the table. It looks like her mood has suddenly changed from belligerent to tearful* No one looks after me but me... 12:07 AM

Cyrikoe: (I should head out, too...) 12:07 AM

Sergeant Balgarr: Good day. *leaves* 12:07 AM

Sergeant Balgarr: (Yep. G'night Rae! Tree! Hope you guys enjoyed things, even if it was a little dull.) 12:08 AM

Noir Sunset: (Night, Chara) 12:08 AM

Cyrikoe: Good day. *After the guard leaves, she turns attention to Noir* I can only imagine... Say, how about you stay a night in one of the rooms? When I close up, maybe we can brainstorm something together. 12:08 AM

Cyrikoe: (It was a nice session) 12:08 AM

Cyrikoe: (Btw, I'm not sure if the guard was on purpose or not, but there was a huge cooperation between a lot of people on the undead that broke out x3 ) 12:09 AM

Noir Sunset: *Sort of mumbles* y-yeah... I should prolly sleep... you're real nice... 12:10 AM

Cyrikoe: *Nods, and produces a key.* Room 206. Thank you, I do what I see I can do for anyone. 12:11 AM

Cyrikoe: I need to sleep, too) 12:12 AM

Noir Sunset fumbles for the key and stands unsteadily with a word of thanks. She manages to find the room and locks the door behind her. 12:12 AM

Noir Sunset flops on the bed and immediately... shifts into the form of a fluffy humanoid fox... 12:13 AM

Cyrikoe: *Cyrikoe minds the lobby for a while longer, in the meanwhile* 12:14 AM

May 30 Edit

Kjang: *Looks at the possible Elf conspiritor* 10:22 PM

Rall: (Hm... Who do I have...) 10:22 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (I am a good recruiter) 10:22 PM

Alberich: (Ah, well, welcome to our weird little group.) 10:23 PM

Alberich: (I usually go by the handle Illogictree in the other chatroom, FYI, since I have a pile of characters...) 10:24 PM

Epics: ( I am glad to be here : ) 10:24 PM

Raeseil: I thought Ga'io left?) 10:28 PM

Epics: ( what happened to everyone?? ) 10:28 PM

Alberich: (Hm?) 10:28 PM

Alberich: (Well, Rae, I think you and Kjang sort of... left off at the tail end of a conversation without concluding it?) 10:29 PM

Raeseil: Wow, we just took two more territories pretty much after the first. I'm logging out of the game right now) 10:29 PM

Kjang: (Lol I took 4 territories today then I got bored of being super sneaky sniper for the day) 10:30 PM

Raeseil: Ok, done with that) 10:30 PM

Dead cat: (Haha, I *have* to play with you sometime, Rae. I think... 4 of us can play it, not quite a squad but we can make it work.) 10:31 PM

Raeseil changed name to Gi ao 10:31 PM

Gi ao: x3 Hm) 10:32 PM

Kjang: (We could really do some cool stuff with a small team) 10:32 PM

Gi ao: Yeah) 10:33 PM

Gi ao changed name to Gi`ao 10:33 PM

Gi`ao: Oh, ok, I can use a ` ) 10:33 PM

Epics: ( how do i change name? ) 10:34 PM

Reg-Nall joined the chat 10:34 PM

Gi`ao: My preferences on the left side) 10:34 PM

Epics changed name to Lelouch Vi Britannia 10:34 PM

Rall: (Then "Change Name/Color") 10:34 PM

Gi`ao: Crap mindcontrol) 10:34 PM

Rall: (...You failed me, brain.) 10:35 PM

Gi`ao: *The cloaked figure starts to take her leave.* I think our business is concluded, so I will be going my own way. 10:35 PM

Gi`ao: Do you remember around when we did the Gi'ao/Kjang/J'Ra session?) 10:36 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( hahhahaa people got the reference ) 10:36 PM

Rall: (X3) 10:36 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( or,uh, nvm ) 10:36 PM

Kjang: Alright but you are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime 10:37 PM

Gi`ao: I did. It's an anime with mechs. I HAVE to know these things ) 10:37 PM

Gi`ao: j/k, but I did watch some of it) 10:37 PM

Gi`ao: It's quite amazing how vague that statement can be. 10:37 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (brb) 10:37 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( Code Geass literally made me cry more than clannad did ) 10:37 PM

Alberich: (I didn't bother. It sounded like the sort of series that thinks it's way more clever than it actually is. And I had no interest in the premise either.) 10:37 PM

Gi`ao: ok, session on May 14) 10:38 PM

Gi`ao: Looks like I do have her data) 10:38 PM

Reg-Nall joined the chat 10:39 PM

Reg-Nall: (BRB switching browsers) 10:39 PM

Kjang: *Shrugs* It's true 10:40 PM

Reg-Nall: (Hmm... So... I'll ask later about that anime.) 10:41 PM

??? joined the chat 10:41 PM

Gi`ao: Quite. What remains to be seen is whether it's a uniquely beneficial opportunity or a uniquely detrimental 'opertunity'. Good day. *With that, she proceeds to take her leave.* (This'll be her exit line unless inturrupted) 10:42 PM

???: (This is Rall. Had to log out because attempting to change my name made this chatroom think I wanted to log in as an admin.) 10:42 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( which aninme? ) 10:42 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( i will observe silently ) 10:43 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( for right now ) 10:43 PM

Kjang: *Decides that since J'Ra is with him he better not just kill the Elf conspirator. And it's about to Rain, and his tents are already set up. She might be back anyways* Wave J'Ra 10:47 PM

???: (Hm... Where is this meeting?) 10:47 PM

Kjang: Cyrodiil In the north mountains I think. 10:49 PM

Kjang: ) 10:49 PM

Reg-Nall: (Hey guys, gotta step out for a while. Maybe the night.) 10:49 PM

???: (Aw. Well, goodnight, Chara.) 10:49 PM

Kjang: (Aww bye Chara) 10:49 PM

Alberich: (OK, later then Chara) 10:49 PM

Gi`ao: Alright, g'night) 10:49 PM

???: (Hm... I might have someone around there, depending on when this is.) 10:49 PM

Kjang: 10ish years before Oblivion) 10:50 PM

Reg-Nall: (In case I'm not back, G'night everyone!)) 10:50 PM

Reg-Nall left the chat 10:50 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: Back) 10:50 PM

Kjang: (Night Chara) 10:50 PM

???: (XD Well, I'll just say it works for this one.) 10:51 PM

Gi`ao: Can throw in another NPC, if you want to continue the scene~) 10:51 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: *Waves* Bye nice lady. 10:51 PM

Alberich: (...It's not going to be Archer again, is it? [tongue] ) 10:51 PM

Gi`ao: <- Rae) 10:52 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: *I know that Rae) 10:52 PM

Gi`ao: I was replying to IT XD I don't have rights on Archer control) 10:52 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: Oh yeah i know that is Rall) 10:52 PM

???: (Of course. Could it have been anyone else? X3) 10:53 PM

???: (I just can't change it because room being dumb.) 10:53 PM

Gi`ao: It won't let you do the my preferences side option above the admin login?) 10:54 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (I meant Control of Archer, and that too i guess) 10:54 PM

???: (I clicked that, and it keeps trying to log me in as admin... and I don't know the password.) 10:54 PM

Kjang: *Sets J'Ra down* It'll rain soon let's be sure the Tent is tied down 10:54 PM

Kjang: (Well the password isn't 7877) 10:55 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( so how random are these? ) 10:55 PM

Alberich: (If you click your name next to the entry box, does it bring you back to the name screen?) 10:55 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: Ok *runs to the tent's lines and makes sure they are staked down.. or at least tied to something* 10:55 PM

???: (Actually, that brings me to admin login as well... :\ [wink]  10:56 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (What cha mean How random?) 10:56 PM

Gi`ao: That's very weird) 10:56 PM

Gi`ao: I will take a moment before reentering) 10:56 PM

???: Need any help with that? *is in a tree above J'Ra* 10:57 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( like in the middle of RP how random do things get? do you plan them or just happen? ) 10:57 PM

Kjang: (There is minor planning) 10:57 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Just happen mostly) 10:57 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (we usually have a "start point" then it all goes to hell) 10:58 PM

???: (They have a degree of planning and randomness. It's essentially like a well-run D&D Campaign. 30% planning, 80% improv, -10% order.) 10:58 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (lol) 10:58 PM

Alberich: ( XD ) 10:58 PM

Kjang: *Is upon J'Ra in an instant* Who are you? 10:59 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( is there a limit on how random they can become? ) 10:59 PM

Gi`ao: Huh. I seem to sIMPLY NOT have the information on Gi'ao's species. That is WEIRD) 11:00 PM

Lelouch Vi Britannia: ( like a cap where it's just to absurd ) 11:00 PM

???: *He appears to be an Ainsou. He looks just like a male version of Facrin.* Just an old friend. 11:00 PM

Kjang: (There is... use your judgment or I prefer to lurk through an RP or to so you get the feel of it) 11:01 PM

???: (Well, if it directly contradicts ES lore, we usually don't allow it, unless it's from another realm.) 11:01 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: Kjang... 11:01 PM

Gi`ao: I do have a bookmark that does designate what her species must've been, and it looks right, but sadly, looks like that's all I'll have on record. I do have a good idea for a lot.) 11:01 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: *Steps in close to Uncle Kjang* 11:01 PM

???: (Also, only one chaos entity at a time. We've already got our hands full with Xylas.) 11:01 PM

Gi`ao: usually other realm is how 'contradicts ES lore' gets justified >​>​;; it's more of what just doesn't work) 11:01 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (indeed [smile] ) 11:01 PM

Alberich: (...It sort of varies in tone. Frequently it gets serious, but a lot of times it's fairly relaxed.) 11:02 PM

Gi`ao: Unless if it's ainsou events. Then it's srs bsns, vry srs bsns srsly, and melodramatically everyone dies) 11:02 PM

Gi`ao: As observed with side-quest which had a healthy does of all three! x3 j/k ) 11:03 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO​OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​ *dies*) 11:03 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: FATALITY! by the by forgot to say it last night) 11:04 PM

Kjang: DO I know you? *All Ainsou look alike to him* 11:04 PM

Gi`ao changed name to (Rae) 11:04 PM

Kjang: (Wait do I know Ainsou Archer?) 11:04 PM

(Rae): How dare...! ... ...ok, fair enough.) 11:04 PM

(Rae): No. Ainsou-archer's only been around team evil) 11:04 PM

???: (No. Do you know regular Archer?) 11:04 PM

(Rae): That's why the description hinged off of his similiar appearance to Ukira Facrin) 11:04 PM

Kjang: (Uh I might?) 11:04 PM

(Rae): He was around when regular archer was around.) 11:05 PM

???: *drops down from the tree* You might've heard of me, though there's a slim chance of that. 11:05 PM

(Rae): As an ainsou his voice very likely sounds different, however, so...probably not much to work off of in hints.) 11:05 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: Yeah, i chased Archer throught the Trees remember? Kjang was with us) 11:05 PM

???: (Ah. Gotcha.) 11:06 PM

(Rae): Also, Archer first appeared with his attack on Raeseil, which I think is when the chase began and everyone first met Archer) 11:06 PM

Kjang: (I remember that but Kjang never saw archer) 11:06 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (yep) 11:06 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Really?) 11:06 PM

(Rae): Oh rright, because all that cloak and hood and stuff) 11:06 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Right!) 11:06 PM

(Rae): and...yeah, he retreated smoke bomb style when J'Ram caught up. Nobody saw him at that point) 11:07 PM

Kjang: (Kjang alwyas seems to conveniently miss combat) 11:07 PM

(Rae): But...when they were showing off losaish distortions, I'm sure both Kjang and Archer were around at the same time) 11:07 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: yep) 11:07 PM

(Rae): He was around for the banana tenticle ^-^ ) 11:07 PM

Alberich: (Funny, since he's the tankiest one of us...) 11:07 PM

(Rae): Too awesome to use?) 11:07 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: Right I.T.!) 11:07 PM


Alberich: (J'ram is the one that's too awesome to use...) 11:08 PM

Kjang: (Kjang OP yet might as well be a non combatant at this point) 11:08 PM

(Rae): I know how to defeat Chronis) 11:08 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: HEY!..... what do you mean? (Not really yelling)) 11:08 PM

(Rae): Side with her. Because she's OP she'll suddenly be unusable) 11:08 PM

???: Well, I'm not very well known, but there are some people around here who know me. 11:09 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (I meant to I.T.) 11:09 PM

Alberich: (...I meant that J'ram is the sort of character you keep in reserve for when you really need that extra firepower.) 11:10 PM

(Rae): *Hrs everyone back into character, though*) 11:10 PM

Kjang: Didn't your mother ever teach you it was impolite to sneak up on people? What is it you're doing here anyways? 11:10 PM

(Rae): I think that was literally stated that his post-death role was set to that) 11:10 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Oh, yeah i agree fully) 11:11 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (to I.T.) 11:11 PM

(Rae): I remember that convo because he was compared to FF summons in what he might've been role-wise *quits being hypocritical and quiets down*) 11:11 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (no Rae, you are very right on that) 11:11 PM

???: I'm on my way into the mountains. Have someone I'm supposed to meet up with there. Thought the detour wouldn't be so bad. 11:12 PM

Kjang: No I mean what are you doing ​here​ in this realm? 11:12 PM

(Rae): Think maybe I should do a side scene for you, Albe, with one of my charries?) 11:13 PM

???: I've come as a servant. 11:13 PM

Kjang: To whom? 11:13 PM

???: Another Ainsou, named Wisp. 11:13 PM

Kjang: (Doesn't Kjang know Wisp is Chronis?) 11:14 PM

Alberich: (I'm sort of not feeling like RP tonight, I'm afraid...) 11:14 PM

(Rae): I'm trying to remember whether he did) 11:14 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: *holds on to Kjang* J'Ram: *kjang* Like Facrin? 11:14 PM

(Rae): I think the cat got out of the bag on that) 11:14 PM

???: (That's okay, Tree. You can sleep or watch if you want. ^^) 11:15 PM

Kjang: *Sighs* You too have picked the wrong side of matters? 11:15 PM

???: Hm... So, I take it you have been informed from Sabriel's side? 11:15 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: J'Ram: *kjang* If you need me Just ask. 11:16 PM

Kjang: *'I'll remember such'* 11:16 PM

(Rae): *It starts to sprinkle* 11:17 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: What is his name? 11:17 PM

Kjang: Sabriel? *Shakes his head* Wisp is the one you'd best avoid. 11:17 PM

Kjang: *Looks at J'Ra* Yes what is your name servant? 11:18 PM

(Rae): Actually, there's a VERY distinct difference between Facrin/Archer that doesn't involve the bosom. As a dariu ainsou, Archer's wings and wai'arms are different than a hishika's, which is what Facrin is) 11:18 PM

(Rae): ...also, I note that just about every four arm species I have has its own terms to designate between the four arms -.- ) 11:18 PM

???: Hmph. I'll stay here when she leaves. My appologies. I have yet to introduce myself. *takes a bow* In this realm, I've taken the name Nelos Onmar. 11:18 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: Nelos? 11:19 PM

???: Yes. I believe it is a name attributed to... Dunmer, was it? 11:20 PM

Kjang: Nelos... *Mulls the name about in his head* It's a Dumb name. 11:20 PM

???: *chuckles* It belonged to a dying warrior who asked me to carry on his legacy. 11:21 PM

Kjang: Then why not name yourself Nelos the undying? 11:22 PM

Kjang: (I'm nodding off, odd.) 11:22 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: J'Ram: *kjang* something seems a bit off... 11:22 PM

???: Hm... I never thought of that. 11:22 PM

Kjang: *'Of course it does. This is an Ainsou. They are all... off'* 11:23 PM

(Rae): HEY! I... ... ...I have to agree to that.) 11:23 PM

(Rae): *it starts to not-so-sprinkle. This is like rain.* 11:24 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: *Kjang-J'Ram* No.. I have seen things... THis could be someone we have met... Like.... Oh nevermind.. 11:24 PM

???: Anyway, it seems to be raining, and I'd much rather be inside. I will pay the local currency if you two will allow me to reside within your tent with you until the rain passes. 11:24 PM

Epics: ( i feel like falling asleep too ) 11:25 PM

(Rae): I dunno, is there any reason that J'Ram should expect Nelos to be Archer...?) 11:25 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: Umm *looks to Kjang* 11:25 PM

Epics: Why was my name reverted back? ) 11:25 PM

???: (Lingering mental connections would probably still be there.) 11:25 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (there is not, It is him overthinking) 11:25 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (and those) 11:25 PM

Kjang: Okay.... How does 5,000 Septims sound? *Kjang's saying no in his own way of course* 11:25 PM

???: Hm... You can just say no, you know. 11:26 PM

Epics: ( goodnight everyone ) 11:26 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (night) 11:26 PM

???: (Night, Epics.) 11:26 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Requescot en pache) 11:26 PM

Kjang: (Night E) 11:26 PM

Alberich: (Good night, take care) 11:26 PM

Kjang: Well No isn't the right answer. For the money I might actually let you stay in the tents 11:28 PM

(Rae): g'night Epics) 11:28 PM

(Rae): I'm pretty sure Kjang's the extrodinary business man he tries to pass as =p ) 11:28 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (indeed [wink] ) 11:29 PM

???: Hm... *reaches into his pack and pulls out a somewhat large coin purse* Thankfully, I do bounty-hunting to make up enough coin. You'd be surprised how many people underestimate something they've never seen before. 11:29 PM

Kjang: You have 5 thousand? 11:30 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: \I don't trust you./ 11:30 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: *looking to ???) 11:30 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: * 11:31 PM

???: *hands over the pouch* You can count if you wish. 11:31 PM

Kjang: *Kjang cannot hold 300lbs of coin. with out expending huge amounts of alteration magic. He does just that* 11:34 PM

(Rae): Waterwaterwaterwater *A FIGURE LEAPS OUT from over a higher ground of cliffside, before landing in a puddle with a splash out. The figure doesn't land so gracefully, landing on hands and feet, but quickly raises up, exclaiming "There is water!" and shaking her soaked body.* Water is falling from the sky, I am very wet! *She pauses, looking over the three nearby...She thought there was two when she saw them earlier...where did the third come from? ---This woman, was...humanoid. A fluffy, long tail, as well as clawed hands and feet. Much of her figure was furred, as she had canine ears, and fangs, though the facial structure was still dominantly close to human in nature.* 11:34 PM

???: Hm? And, who is this? 11:35 PM

(Rae): *Grey-furred, at that...Not that she was especially old. She in fact seemed closer to 'young adult' category.* 11:35 PM

Kjang: This is a very busy mountainside. Who are you beastfolk? 11:36 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: *stays close to Kjang* 11:36 PM

(Rae): I am! Very wet! *She pauses* ...You asked who. *She ruffles her hair, to which was one of the features that took towards the human side* Huh. People usually do not do that. They usually call names at me instead. 11:37 PM

(Rae): I get 'Byva Nihne' lately. ...and swords, promptly. I'm not used to swords. 11:38 PM

???: Er... Swords? 11:38 PM

Alberich: (... Oh. I get it. "By the Nine".) 11:39 PM

(Rae): XD Yeah) 11:39 PM

(Rae): *Nods* They try to offer me blade-first. It's rather confusing. ...and painful. 11:39 PM

???: Oh. Er... Do they ever try calling you Thief? 11:40 PM

(Rae): No, unless I take things, but that makes sense, because I'd be a thief. 11:40 PM

Kjang: Well I've no intention of giving you my sword. *Opens the tent flap* You might as well join the three of us in the shelter. 11:41 PM

???: I see... *turns to Kjang* I change my offer. Keep the 5,000 Septims, but take her into your tent instead of me. *then Kjang speaks* Or, that. 11:42 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: *is confused* 11:42 PM

Kjang: Okay *Kjang states happily* No tent for you. 11:43 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: Uncle my typest is nodding off *pulling at kjang's leg* <joke, but really>​ 11:43 PM

(Rae): *Smiles* That is very nice. *She comes into the tent, with the invite, but then pauses and frowns* But he was going to invite me in...I'd feel bad if he became very wet... *Looks to Nelos* In fact, you're already very wet. 11:44 PM

Alberich: (Was that at Archer, or the fox gal?) 11:44 PM

Kjang: (I'm nodding off too) 11:44 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (30 mins of sleep did not cut it last night.. work sucked) 11:44 PM

???: Hmph. Should've expected as much. Too late to get a refund on that? *If Kjang is adept enough, he may notice that this Ainsou is trying mental dominance* 11:44 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: All 10 hours of it at Mconalds) 11:44 PM

(Rae): to Nelos) 11:44 PM

???: (Guess we may need to cut this short?) 11:44 PM

???: Ah, yes. I am quite wet... 11:45 PM

Kjang: *Kjangs mind feels much like a rock. It's not likely a good thing.* 11:45 PM

Kjang: (Phrasing Archer) 11:45 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (Well i NEED to sleep.) *she walks into the tent and waits for Kjangs instruction* 11:45 PM

(Rae): g'night J'Ram) 11:46 PM

???: *'Guess I'll have to do this the old-fashioned way...'* 11:46 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: (My eyes have been red all day. Night guys i will be on longer tomorrow night) 11:46 PM

Alberich: (Good night J) 11:46 PM

Kjang: I never said anything about refunds. 11:46 PM

???: (Night, J.) 11:46 PM

Alberich: (Take care! Gets ome rest) 11:46 PM

Kjang: (Night J_) 11:46 PM

J Ra Mere Casareth: *bows* ) 11:46 PM

???: Hm... Well, anyway, I have somewhere I must be. I bid you all a good night. 11:47 PM

Kjang: *Sighs* I suppose we can all fit in the tent 11:47 PM

???: Ah. Well, thank you kindly, sir. 11:47 PM

(Rae): *Smiles happily* Thank you! 11:47 PM11:47 PM

(Rae): *She is open to going into the tent.* This is very unfair of the water, considering it should be on the ground. Like in lakes. 11:48 PM

???: I was surprised myself when I came to this realm. *heads for the tent* 11:48 PM

Kjang: (Unnecessary censorship end scene thingy/?) 11:48 PM

???: (Hehe. Sure.) 11:49 PM

(Rae): I figure maybe those who aren't going to sleep could--or, ok XD ) 11:49 PM

(Rae): Then again, everyone IS going to sleep, aren't they?) 11:49 PM

Kjang: (Well I'm tired too yeah. Sorry Rae) 11:50 PM

???: (Unless you aren't, Rae. I'm staying up for a bit.) 11:50 PM

(Rae): Oh, yay x3 ) 11:50 PM

(Rae): I'm up for a bit more) 11:50 PM

Kjang: (I'll do another ten minutes) 11:50 PM

???: (Yay. Hm... Maybe we should move to MSPARP, then, because I don't know how to make a dump from Chatzy...) 11:51 PM

Kjang: *The tent is cramped as hell* 11:51 PM

Alberich: (I've been copypasting the lines.) 11:51 PM

(Rae): *She settles down in the tent, off to the side, trying to be out of the way as much as possible.* ...This tent isn't wet. That is nice... 11:52 PM

???: *Nelos is fine sitting in the back, taking up as little space as possible* 11:52 PM

???: (Ah. Good.) 11:52 PM

Kjang: *Out of the way isn't a thing in this tent as It was really only made to fit one person.* It is a nice little tent isn't it? 11:54 PM

(Rae): I will leave when the water stops... *She nods* It is a very nice tent. 11:55 PM

Alberich: (It's 'cozy') 11:55 PM

???: Same here. This is perfect for me. 11:55 PM

Kjang: So what is your name Beastfolk? 11:58 PM

(Rae): *She blinks a bit, pointing to herself* I Byva Nihne isn't allowed to be my name...? 11:58 PM

(Rae): (*kills the lone "I"*) 11:58 PM

???: *chuckles* It sounds like a nice name... Though oddly familiar... 11:59 PM

Kjang: *Chuckles* It can be, *Holds the now sleeping J'Ra to conserve space.* Though usually names aren't given in the manner you've acquired that 12:00 AM

(Rae): *Tilts her head* but..names are what you're called...So... ...i'm confused. *She shakes her head, then looks to Archer with more confusion* As in, Nihne as a family name, or...? 12:02 AM

???: No, not that. *shrugs* It'll come to me in time. 12:03 AM

Kjang: What did your parents call you? 12:05 AM

(Rae): *Thinks hard* I have not lived with my parents. 12:05 AM

???: Anyone who you could call family? 12:06 AM

(Rae): *Smiles proudly* I live alone and effeciently! *Frowns* ...and have water spilled on me a lot these days. 12:06 AM

???: Hm... Anyone who... hasn't offered you a sword? 12:08 AM

Kjang: You shouldn't travel alone. 12:08 AM

(Rae): Why not? It seems to work fine. 12:08 AM

Kjang: You said you knew what swords felt like. That isn't exactly fine. 12:10 AM

(Rae): *Happily: "That's because it happens when I'm not trying to be alone."* 12:11 AM

(Rae): Except for when I get met by someone who says I should give them my money. I don't have money though, so... *she gets thoughtful about this one* 12:11 AM

(Rae): It gets awkward for everyone involved. 12:11 AM

???: Hm... *thinks* 12:12 AM

Kjang: You have no longing for company? 12:13 AM

(Rae): Well, when it comes to swords... you know.. 12:14 AM

(Rae): *Smiles* I have swords nearby, speaking of which! I can give them, but it does not involve the pointy end. I'm smarter than that. 12:14 AM

???: I'll be fine without them. I prefer using my own natural weapons. 12:15 AM

Kjang: (Well I must go to bed now) 12:16 AM

(Rae): G'night) 12:16 AM

Kjang: There is no need for that. *Lies down* You to should get rest as well 12:16 AM

Kjang: (Night all) 12:16 AM

(Rae): I suppose...I'm not feeling very tired yet, though. 12:17 AM

(Rae): *She looks to the ainsou* Natural weapons, like those arms? *She points to his lower arms* 12:18 AM

???: Yeah. *shows off the arms* Also, *uses his upper arms to pat his legs and indicate his feet* These make for a devastating kick. 12:19 AM

(Rae): *Tilts head* So you fight with kicks? 12:20 AM

(Rae): (Chronis gave Archer a REALLY good impression about kicks XD ) 12:20 AM

???: (XD Is this the part where we do kicking?) 12:20 AM

???: Yes. You'd be surprised how effective they can be. 12:20 AM

(Rae): XD!) 12:21 AM

(Rae): But if your leg gets hurt it is hard to stand AND kick... 12:22 AM

???: Hm... That is true. Standing is easier with these. *indicates wings* 12:22 AM

(Rae): *SHe nods, looking to the wings* you use them to help yourself stand? 12:23 AM

???: And, to help run as well. 12:23 AM

(Rae): *Smiles, nodding* Oh...I don't have wings to do that. 12:25 AM

???: It's a bit of a unique feature. *glances to make sure Kjang and J'Ra are asleep* 12:26 AM

(Rae): It does seem like that. I don't see poeple with wings. 12:28 AM

(Rae): *Thinks* There's no people with wings here at all, really, except you that I can think of 12:28 AM

???: It's not a very common trait. *assures they're asleep before continuing* There's also something I've trained myself to do. 12:29 AM

(Rae): Oh? 12:29 AM

???: It's a sort of... mind connection of a sort. 12:30 AM

(Rae): Oh, mind connection? 12:30 AM

???: Yes. I can... connect my mind to that of others, and can converse with them, and show them things I see, and they can show me the things they see as well. 12:32 AM

(Rae): Huh. That sounds interesting. 12:33 AM

???: It is. Perhaps you'd like to share the connection? 12:34 AM

(Rae): Ah. Maybe when we know each other better. 12:34 AM

???: Hm... We may not get the chance for that. There's somewhere I must be soon. 12:35 AM

(Rae): What kind of place? 12:35 AM

???: It's a minor clearing in the mountains. I'm meeting some... "friends" there. 12:36 AM

(Rae): Ah. That sounds like it would be good. 12:38 AM

???: Only if they can agree... 12:38 AM

(Rae): Well, if they are friends then they probably would. 12:40 AM

???: Well, friends... They looks out for each other, yes, but they don't always agree with each other. 12:42 AM

(Rae): Oh, I guess that's a point. 12:43 AM

???: Well, I'm looking out for them. I just hope... *trails off* 12:44 AM

(Rae): Hope that...? 12:45 AM

???: Huh. You know, this is the first time I've been able to honestly say I don't want anyone to die. 12:46 AM

(Rae): Your firends might die? 12:49 AM

???: It's very likely, if they don't give up this foolish crusade of theirs. 12:49 AM

(Rae): Huh...I see. 12:53 AM

???: ... *looks outside the tent* 12:53 AM

(Rae): What is on your mind? 12:54 AM

???: *sighs* I just... Given my experience of the people I'm about to go meet, you wouldn't think I consider them friends. 12:55 AM

(Rae): Well I don't know them, and i don't know how you know them, or how they know you, or how...They know you know they know them...or they know you know they know you... 12:56 AM12:56 AM

???: Best not to strain yourself. *looks to Kjang* If you want to know more, try asking him about a Dunmer named Archer when he awakes. 12:57 AM

(Rae): I might stay, I might not. 12:58 AM

???: I see. 12:59 AM

(Rae): I need to go to sleep D: ) 12:59 AM

???: (Alright. Night, then.) 1:00 AM