Since the scene was going to run long and Rall wanted to do his scene, I was thinking of letting you know what the document Facrin had was even about, so that you'd at least get to be in the loop about the big moment. Do you want me to send through here the actual lines and what Facrin would reply? I figure I can do that much...

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Did I miss something or what? Why am I the only one in the dark about the document, shouldn't most characters be? Or if I'm not meant to know yet, can't I just have it unffold before me? If it's a time issue I can stay a tad longer if necessary, I'd rather actually experience it. Also don't forget that anything we don't finish tonight, we can resume tomorrow. 

 I was just making a contengency in case worst-comes-to-worst about participation, since you're online now and I'm able to ask you about it. Yes, in fact, Rall is the only one who has any idea. I'd like it if it unfolded naturally, I just was a little worried. Sorry, and you have a point, we can finish tomorrow ^^; 

I'm thinking of making a cliffhanger moment where Facrin reads it and we call it a night before tomorrow XD!