Serrata Starwander
Character Data



Half Nord, half Bosmer




Heavy Armor, all weapons types, investigation, monster lore, alchemy


Common, Dovah, Bosmer


Alcohol, killing monsters, smiting unbelievers, proving her superiority


Elves in general, monsters, failure, cheaters, feeling helpless

A half-elven woman from Skyrim, Serrata Starwander is an aggressive and boisterous warrior who adventures to slay monsters and heretics in the name of her favorite deity, Talos! An expert in all kinds of combat, she is readily identifiable by her raven hair, shining mithral armor, arsenal of weapons, and dramatic crimson cloak bearing the Dragonborn symbol. She is a difficult person to get along with and makes a relentless foe.

She has recently arrived in Cyrodiil in pursuit of her brother, Sogen Marsh, whom she believes is connected to a series of murders in Solitude. In the city of Chorrol, she crossed paths with Kjang Rock-Fist, Shalik Grulathil, Gatunk gro-Upp and Cyrikoe Moonstalker. She is currently in contention with Xylas Incarnum over a 'rigged' drinking contest between the two of them.

Serrata is extremely confident in her own abilities and knowledge. For example, she has the skill to spot doppelgangers in disguise, and believes them to be terrible monsters.