Sogen Marsh
Character Data



Half Nord, half Bosmer, all werewolf




Team Evil


Stealth, tracking, wilderness survival, ranged combat


Common, Dovah, Bosmer


Some stuff about being a werewolf, hunting


The rest of the stuff about being a werewolf

A seemingly friendly half-elven outdoorsman, Sogen Marsh is the brother of Serrata Starwander. His friendly demeanor hides a terrifying secret: he is a werewolf, and has left a trail of corpses all the way from Solitude in Skyrim to northern Cyrodiil. Sogen hates the fact that he must kill someone every night to maintain his powers, and so tries to only kill criminals or others he feels deserve to feel his fangs on their throat - though he hasn't realized yet that he's becoming less picky as time goes on.

However, he does not wish for a cure: he loves the feeling of power granted him by his werewolf shape and greatly appreciates the enhancements that make him a consummate hunter. Instead, he is looking to figure out how to remove certain aspects of his curse: namely, the need to kill someone every night, and the fact that his soul currently belongs to the Daedric Prince Hircine. He already has greater control over his change into wolf form and can even speak while transformed; to complete his goal he believes he needs the Ring of Hircine - currently held by a Vukasin named Ralleign Siston.

Sogen has recently fallen in with Team Evil, the group of mercenaries and villains led by Khang and Chronis. He is fleeing from his sister Serrata, whom he believes will kill him if she discovers that he is a werewolf.