Teeba-Lai Casareth
Character Data
Title The Blacksmith





Blacksmith, Rogue (uses daggers)


Blacksmith, Some One-Hand, Heavy Armor, Light Armor, Mid Armor, Speechcraft, Restoration


Jel and Common (Prefers Common)


Making Weapons


Rudness, Intruding others business, and Being Compared To J'Ram

 "You know, the world needs more nice people. We could stop the wars that way, no more pointless battles." -Teeba, to J'Ram when he was leaving Black Marsh.

Info about The young TeebaEdit

Teeba is 20 years old, he got married at 18 happly. His wife and him live in the Casareth House. (The House that J'Ram went to to get the Sap). Teeba was not born under the Shadow, but was Born under the Steed instead, He and Seeos (Father-Dead) Went to Talk to the blacksmith one day, then Teeba started to practice the Craft. He was age 5 at that time, by age six he had made 10 Steel Swords, 13 Elvish Blades, 2 Dwarven Daggers, A Gold Ring (Which he gave to J'Ram, but Has the Ring now), and one poorly made Ebony Shield.


Teeba just likes to keep to himself unless something happens in a hurry, then he will ask questions. Unlike J'Ram, Teeba has NO Temper. It takes something really bad to set him off. Though Teeba is not a fighter J'Ram taught him quite a few things with a dagger. (Teeba): I remember J'Ram told me this after he taught me how to use the Dagger, "Teeba, Only use these abilities if you are in a tight spot. The things i taught you could end a fight. I don't want you to get blood on your hands. That is my job.". -J'Ram) Teeba Later that day found his parants Dead in his house, That day is when J'Ram started to Raise Teeba. This could have effected Teeba in a big way, He was only 6 years old, J'Ram was 8.  

He has gotten more serious over the time that J'Ra has been aging. He seems like he need to be strong for his daughter. 


Teeba believes Trust is Earned not given, That is about the only quality J'Ram and Teeba share. Teeba trusts those that J'Ram held close, that includes but not limited to; Rae, Rall, Chara. 

More To ComeEdit

There is always an adventure when you are having a Child who's soul is that of your brother. Teeba had J'Ra-Nha at age 20, J'Ram made a slow aging potion years ago with some help from an alchemist in Blackrose. J'Ra-Nha is againg fast, Right now she is 7.5 years old. 


J'Ram-Mere Casareth, age 22 (Dead) Brother

Seeos Casareth, age 34 (Dead) Father

Gisha Casareth, age 33 (Dead) Mother

J'Ra-Nha Casareth, age 7.5 (Alive) Daughter

Nushha Cassareth, age 21 (3 months older than Teeba, Alive) Wife

More Will come as it happens. There will be a picture as soon as i can get one.Edit