Tivisal is one of the realms colonized by the ainsou, and the home of Sabriel's faction. It is the hub of their resettlement and colonization efforts. The goddess Chronis is said to be one with Tivisal, and under her protection the ainsou prosper.

Aside from the ainsou, Tivisal is home to many larikas and eiamei, along with other transient species who are in the process of being migrated to new homes. Its laws of physics and magic differ in subtle ways from Nirn, necessitating the efforts of ainsou Weavers in making the transition.

Sights to see in Tivisal include the Satellite - an artificial realm under construction - and the so-called 'Lego' district made up entirely of little plastic blocks.

...At least, it was. Chronis recently attacked Tivisal with an army of losiah-corrupted servants, slaughtering all she could find and razing the city to the ground. It is unlikely anyone not affiliated with Chronis survived.