Townname, or <townname>, is a town near which the first sessions of the RP took place. It was surrounded by woods until CARL burned most of them down.

Location Edit

It is located in the province of Cyrodiil on the continent of Tamriel, in the Nameverse version of Nirn from the Elder Scrolls series.

More specifically, it is located near the middle of the triangle formed by the cities of Bruma, Cheydinhal, and Imperial City, within a short distance of the ruins of Vilverin and Nagastani.

History (in-universe) Edit

Townname was founded as a base camp of explorers, adventurers, and scholars excavating the Ayleid ruins of Vilverin, sometime circa 3E 269. Its official name is actually in Ta'agra and literally does mean 'Town Name' - the founder had an odd sense of humor.

Notable Locations Edit

Inn-And-Out - a small inn, known for its cheap rooms and thieving owner, Qira Dro-on. Until recently, Qira employed Gwynyssa Petienitte until the latter decided to quit her job and take up adventuring. Kjang and Nats have been banned from this establishment for life.

Library - A small-sized library mostly for storing the records of the excavations of Vilverin, though it does have an assortment of other books for both research and entertainment. It also doubles as a museum for some of the Ayleid artifacts found during excavations that were not immediately spirited away to Imperial City. The librarian in charge is a limoth shifter.

Trivia Edit

The local favorite of townname is called "food". This is a mistranslation of the Dwemer word for "Kickstart". This food is high in the proteins essential in starting one's metabolism and fueling the body's natural energies. Of note regarding food is that it's composition is near impossible to determine to the untrained enjoyer. Only through careful study can its ingredients be completely determined. One thing that is agreed by all though, is that ham is definitely not one of the ingredients.